Welsh Government Calls for Removal of Statues of “Old White Men” Because They May Offend Non-Whites in Britain

According to the Welsh government, statues of “old white men” such as Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) should be removed or even destroyed because they may offend the growing non-white population in the country.

Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News reported that a guidance was finalized at the end of March, which contends that the monuments create the “perception that the achievements that society considers noteworthy are those of powerful, older, able-bodied white men.”

The government claims that such monuments “can be offensive to people today who see them in a different light.” The government believes that some of these non-white view these historical figures as “aggressors who conquered peoples to expand the British Empire.”

Any statue of a historical figure that the cultural Left blames for spreading slavery or colonialism currently faces the risk of being toppled, which includes General Arthur Wellesley and Admiral Nelson, who gained eternal fame for their victories during the Napoleonic Wars. .

The guidance states that British political leaders and cultural institutions must embrace the new outlook in order to “take action” to put forward “the right historical narrative.”

Street names and buildings that supposedly offend non-whites could also be potentially changed, with officials callins those overseeing the statues “discretely box monuments or enclose them creatively in new artworks.”

The document laments how diversity is “hardly visible at all in public commemorations,” and instead pushes for memorials to mass migration and multiculturalism to replace historical statues in order to fight “racist colonial myths about white superiority.”

“Labour are intent on rewriting our history here in Wales,” declared Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Conservative Party in Wales. He argued that Labour has “been captured by a hard-Left, anti-British mob who want nothing more than to topple our statues, tear up the works of classic authors and cancel our great orators, all in the name of virtue signaling.”

“Statues may well offend some people, but that does not make them any less a part of Wales’ rich history. What happened to remembering the mistakes of the past and learning the lessons?” he continued. 

Monument removals are one facet of the existential struggle the Left is waging in its quest to destroy Western culture. The whole point here is not to just remove white history but replace it with non-white, multicultural figures. In effect, it represents the conquest of one civilization by another foreign civilization. The Right must think beyond economics and recognize that these culture battles must be fought if we want to preserve our great civilizations. 

If we lose these fights, our civilizations will disappear into the ether.

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