West Palm Beach, Florida Mayor Blocking Turning Point USA Conference Goers From Convention Center

The City of West Palm Beach, Florida is cracking down on Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, blocking the conservative group’s conference goers from accessing the convention center where the yearly event is being held.

Armed police cordoned off the door when municipal officials arbitrarily decided the convention center had reached maximum capacity.

Some of the young conservatives who were forcibly queued in crowded conditions outside of the event venue have since been granted access to the convention center, with law enforcement appearing to back down in some capacity in response to the demands of the attendees. Photography of the convention center hall reveals an event far more socially distanced than the entrance to the venue, raising questions as to why the police are blocking off admission to the event.

President Donald Trump is expected to speak at the event sometime this weekend. The conservative activist group has implemented social distancing and safety measures, but it doesn’t appear to be enough for the Democrat city government of West Palm Beach.

The city has sought to limit attendance of the event at the Palm Beach County Convention Center to 300 people, well below the crowd of thousands the yearly event usually attracts.

Conservative public figures such as Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump Jr, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz are expected to speak at the event.

The situation is developing, and Big League Politics is monitoring the event.

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