West Virginia Governor Announces Spike in COVID Deaths From Vaccine Recipients, Then Demands More People Submit to the Jab

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced a large spike in deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 vaccine recipients, and then proceeded to demand that more people submit to the dangerous experimental jab in response.

Justice announced in a recent address that there are 25 percent more deaths and 26 percent more positive cases among the vaccinated. Additionally, hospitalizations among the vaccinated have increased by 21 percent. He said that submitting to more vaccines is the answer to the vaccine failing on such a massive scale.

Justice, who is the wealthiest man in West Virginia with a net worth of 1.2 billion, said natural immunity “is insufficient” for protecting the virus and “does not protect as well” as the experimental jab. It is worth noting that Justice has funneled state dollars into the coffers of Big Pharma and other powerful corporations while holding stock in those same corporations as governor.

He has been a particularly belligerent opponent of so-called “conspiracy theories” that are encouraging people to be skeptical of Big Pharma’s products that were produced in a rushed frenzy with massive liability protections.

“For God’s sakes a livin’, how difficult is this to understand? Why in the world do we have to come up with these crazy ideas — and they’re crazy ideas — that the vaccine’s got something in it and it’s tracing people wherever they go. And the same very people that are saying that are carrying their cell phones around. I mean, come on. Come on,” Justice said.

Justice is one of many Republican leaders who have failed to protect the rights and the public safety of the people against the onerous COVID-19 vaccine regime pushed by globalists.

Big League Politics has reported on the failure and the cowardice of Republican leaders who have pushed vaccine propaganda and worked with Democrats to coerce the American people into submitting to the jab:

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is ordering Americans to receive the dangerous and experimental COVID-19 vaccine under the threat that he will shut down public life in America with the Democrats if they do not comply.

McConnell is issuing these terror threats to implement the fledgling vaccine regime as Americans begin to resist the mass hysteria pushed about COVID-19 for over a year now.

“These shots need to get in everybody’s arms as rapidly as possible or we´re going to be back in a situation in the fall that we don’t yearn for — that we went through last year,” McConnell said on Tuesday.

McConnell made the comment in response to RINO Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, who stated that conservative voices skeptical to the vaccine…

“It never occurred to me that there would be difficulty getting Americans to get the shot,” he said.

... The Republican establishment has sold out the freedom of the American people, and former president Donald Trump is not helping with his continuous shilling for these jabs.”

When it comes to resisting the burgeoning one-world technocracy being erected on the corpse of Western Civilization, the American people are pretty much on their own. There are very few Republicans willing to stand for their freedoms when they need them the most.

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