While Leftists Call For Violence Against SCOTUS, The Babylon Bee Remains Locked Out Of Twitter

The Babylon Bee and its sister site, Not The Bee, have been making a strong case against Twitter for months; why are the platform’s rules only being enforced against conservative accounts.

We see hypocritical examples of this all time, and of course, the answer is because Twitter is biased against right-leaning accounts. The left can flat-out call for violence against Supreme Court Justices – and nothing will happen. While The Babylon Bee gets its account locked out for making a joke (more like a rightful claim) about Rachel Levine being a man.

It’s clearly ridiculous. But it is also intentional. And Americans must realize that.

In case you missed it, the infamous Libs of TikTok recently uncovered leaked Slack messages from Twitter employees who boastfully debated banning her account.

They also showed various employees bragging about “successfully” removing former President Donald Trump from Twitter following the Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol in 2021.

“This has been escalating for months…but our expectations out of twitter are so low right now that the devil himself is having to squat to get to their level,” one employee said on Slack.

“Like I don’t get how [Libs of TikTok], which exists solely to generate targeted violence at marginalized people, continues to be allowed to post,” they added.

As many conservatives have come to realize, Twitter is a platform ridden with left-wing activists. There have been numerous employees caught on hidden camera by Project Veritas, who have mocked right-wing voices while boasting about their own left-wing influence.

For example, the non-profit organization recently captured the company’s senior engineer telling an undercover journalist that “Twitter does not believe in free speech.” He also confessed many employees are “commie as f**k.” – WATCH:

Notably, The Babylon Bee and its sister site, Not The Bee, are still standing firm in their push back against woke Twitter. How the platform works when it comes to “unlocking” accounts is the user must delete the flagged content that went against the company’s terms and conditions.

In other words, Twitter makes its users acknowledge their alleged wrongdoings before they are allowed back on the platform.

The Babylon Bee has made it clear that they will not admit Rachel Levine is a woman as payment for reinstating the company’s Twitter profile – and good on them!

The leaked Slack messages obtained from Libs of TikTok show that employees are aware of their liberal bias, which is why the banning of the account was being debated.

“But if we deplatform this account we might erode trust in our platform from users who already think we’re irredeemably biased against conservatives,” one employee stated.

“I mean we successfully deplatformed Trump – I don’t think deplatforming Libs of Tik Tok is going to cause a mass exodus but I guess it may not be in our ‘fiduciary’ interest to enact a ban on a high profile account right now…,” another employee said, referring to the potential buyout from billionaire Elon Musk.

They know what they are doing. We know what they are doing. So it’s worth supporting companies like The Babylon Bee and Not The Bee who are willing to sacrifice short-term marketing gains to fight America’s more pressing battle; free speech for all online.

Someone has to do it, and it just baffles me that one of the leading voices in this fight against internet censorship in the country’s public square is coming from a Christian satire site. Who would have thought?

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