While Trump Backers are Thrown Off Social Media, Facebook Gives Ben Shapiro Tens of Millions of Hits

Shapiro Deletes Offensive Anti Trump Tweet

The times have never been tougher for patriots and Trump supporters on social media networks, but neoconservative commentator Ben Shapiro has gone largely unscathed, and his traffic on the Facebook platform is growing as a result.

Without having to deal with competition from authentically pro-Trump voices, Shapiro’s reach has grown massively. The New York Times commented on Shapiro’s impressive reach on Facebook:

Shapiro’s influence is growing while the social media purges are ramping up.

Big League Politics has reported on a Project Veritas exposé about how Facebook content moderators deliberately cripple the reach of patriotic, pro-Trump content on the platform:

Guerrilla journalism outfit Project Veritas released information on Tuesday from a Facebook insider who is blowing the whistle about the company’s biased anti-conservative content moderation policies.

Zach McElroy, who was formerly a content moderator for Facebook employed by the firm, Cognizant, spoke out against the company’s Big Brother censorship policies to Veritas.

“Facebook is, needless to say, a behemoth of a company, and most people – including most of my former coworkers who didn’t even find these abuses objectionable – would be terrified of ever speaking out publicly against them,” McElroy wrote on his GoFundMe page.

“Threatening NDAs ensured most of our silence, but nothing can stop the truth, and the courage of past [Veritas] whistleblowers gave me the confidence to step forward and expose the company for its egregious stifling of free speech and rampant abuse toward conservative voices,” he added.

The Veritas disclosure showed McElroy speaking with James O’Keefe, the organization’s founder, about how Facebook censors conservative content. It also features candid remarks from other content moderators explaining or even bragging about how they crush right-wing dissent on the platform.

“Facebook is notorious for it,” said Facebook content moderator Daniel Will, referring to how the tech monopoly regularly shadowbans content. “And they say they don’t, but it’s clear that people’s content don’t come up because it’s been de-filtered off the queue.”

“It’s a very progressive company who’s very anti-MAGA,” said Steve Grimmett, who serves as the team lead of content review for Facebook content moderation firm, Accenture.

“If a Trump post was to come up and it was promoting Trump, then I can take that down, then I feel like that would be very impactful,” said Facebook content moderator Lara Kontakos.

“If someone is wearing a MAGA hat I’m going to delete them for terrorism and I’m just going to like go crazy,” Kontakos added.

Shapiro has likely avoided the wrath of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg because of his long history as a Never Trumper and the fact that he plays ball with the globalist establishment.

Big League Politics has reported on the dinner sessions that Zuckerberg and Shapiro shared last year and how Shapiro’s propaganda mill, Daily Wire, began producing pro-Facebook content shortly afterward:

Earlier this week, it was revealed publicly that Ben Shapiro was among the many conservative influencers who had been dining privately with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at his home.

Zuckerberg talked to Shapiro in the hopes to form an alliance with the neoconservative commentator, and it appears that the Big Tech overlord was successful in courting Shapiro into his sphere of influence.

A glowing article was published on Shapiro’s Daily Wire on Thursday that painted Zuckerberg as a hero for free speech fighting back against restrictive content curation policies preferred by Democrats…

While Shapiro’s site covers Zuckerberg’s lip service in an obsequious manner, the corporation’s recent history shows an extreme hostility toward freedom of expression, particularly from conservative points of view.

Shapiro is one of the prime beneficiaries of Draconian censorship by Big Tech. This must be why he is silent when most conservatives are deplatformed and does not support repealing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which enables Silicon Valley monopolies to destroy our rights.

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