Whistle-Blower Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Jail for Illegal Journalism

The United Kingdom continues to descend into a hellscape under the regime of diversity, multiculturalism and globalism, as whistle-blower Tommy Robinson was sentenced to nine months in jail for alleged contempt of court on Thursday.

Robinson, born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, will ultimately serve 10 weeks in jail for broadcasting journalism over social media that the British authorities claim encouraged “vigilante action” and “unlawful physical” against the defendants he was reporting about.

“He has lied about a number of matters and sought to portray himself as the victim of unfairness and oppression,” Dame Victoria Sharp said about Robinson while issuing the sentence against him.

“This does not increase his sentence, but it does mean that there can be no reduction for an admission of guilt,” she added.

Robinson arrived at the court house earlier today wearing a shirt that said “convicted of journalism” on it as angry patriots organized outside to protest this obvious miscarriage of justice. Robinson has called for the United States to grant him asylum.

“I want to make a genuine appeal to President Trump, to the Republican Party … please consider me and my family for political asylum,” Robinson said during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

“The British state’s appeasement to Islam, the unrestricted waves of migrants into this country means that they have deliberately persecuted and illegally imprisoned anyone who speaks out against their globalist agenda,” he added.

The British authorities are making an example of Robinson to shield radical Islam from its complicity in the prevalence of child grooming gangs. British media sources like the BBC regularly refer to Muslims as “Asian” or “British Asian” to shield Muslims from complicity so the globalist agenda of mass migration from the third world can continue unabated.

20 men of foreign origin were ultimately convicted for heinous crimes as a result of the trial that Robinson is headed to jail for covering.

A British ANTIFA-style group, Hope Not Hate applauded Robinson’s arrest and conviction.

“Stephen Lennon put at risk the trial of men accused of horrendous crimes with his livestreaming antics. He doesn’t care about the victims of grooming, he only cares about himself. He now faces yet another stint behind bars,” said Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate’s chief executive.

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