WHISTLEBLOWER: Investigation Shows CPS Gave Serial Abuser Custody Over Daughter Who He Then Raped

An anonymous whistleblower has emerged to detail systemic abusive practices by Child Protective Services (CPS) in the state of Michigan, which reportedly resulted in an abusive husband being allowed to rape his daughter.

The allegations come from an internal memorandum obtained by Big League Politics detailing the laundry list of abuses conducted by CPS in the state. It contains chilling anecdotes about CPS victims whose lives have been destroyed because of the callous actions of the government agency tasked with protecting children. This is one of their stories, according to the findings in the memorandum.

After one anonymous CPS victim received a divorce from her husband, he began calling CPS regularly and spreading rumor and innuendo against her to the office. As a result, she was investigated constantly by CPS while her concerns about her ex-husband were shrugged off by officials.

When the woman shared her concerns that her daughter was being “groomed” for abuse by her ex-husband, the CPS worker sided with her ex-husband and actually brought him into her home during one bizarre and heinously unprofessional instance.

She eventually lost custody of all three of her children, two teenage boys and one teenage daughter, based what she calls lies made up by her ex-husband after a medical incident at school involving one of her boys. CPS recommended that the ex-husband take full custody of her kids as a result.

Stricken with grief, the woman had to check herself into a mental hospital after her concerns regarding her daughter’s “grooming” were never investigated. CPS workers refused to return her calls, and then her worst fears were realized. The two boys reportedly found evidence that their own father was repeatedly raping their sister and submitted it into police affidavits.

Even with litigation that is pending against the ex-husband for allegedly raping his daughter, the woman has still not been able to regain full custody of her daughter. CPS continues to stand in her way, and refuses to give a case to a judge to grant her full custody. CPS has offered to pay for therapy sessions for the two boys and their sister to deal with the trauma of the ordeal, but has not specified on how the agency will pay.

When investigators in the Michigan Capitol reached out to CPS officials for comment on this case, most were tight-lipped out of fear. Only two were willing to speak anonymously.

“We f**ked up and there’s nothing we can do,” one CPS worker said.

Another agent confirmed that the details of the anonymous woman’s story were in fact correct, but would not issue any further comment due to fear of bureaucratic retaliation and losing their employment.

Making matters worse for the woman was that convenient “clerical errors” resulted in many Friend of the Court documents being withheld from the court. She is considering legal action against CPS right now, but lawyers are not willing to take the case because of the “mountain of litigation” that would follow.

Other examples of CPS malfeasance listed in the memo include evidence of drug use and systemic abuse being withheld from a Judge by CPS agents in order to reunite a child with their abusive biological parents; and an employee placed on leave from the Department of Health and Human Services due to a serious health condition being reassigned as a CPS agent despite having no experience likely in order to fire him and rob him of his pension.

“The department just does not care, and when we provide these stories to them, they just say ‘Oh, that’s terrible!’ And no, it’s a little bit more than terrible. You’re ruining lives,” the whistleblower explained.

Big League Politics will be releasing more articles about the systemic corruption of CPS in Michigan in the days to come. If you have any leads on CPS corruption in Michigan or any other state across the country, please e-mail us with assurances of strict confidentiality.

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