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WHISTLEBLOWERS: Over 100 Facebook Employees Fight Against Leftist Bias at Zuck’s Juggernaut

“We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views.”-Brian Amerige




MeWe Goes Big Tech Authoritarian, Opts for Political Censorship

This is no different than a Big Tech platform.



Supposed Big Tech alternative MeWe is opting for the path of political censorship and repression, caving to demands of media leftists to censor right-leaning political content.

MeWe’s administrators confirmed they would close so-called ‘Stop the Steal’ groups and purge their content from its platform earlier this month.

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MeWe styles itself as somewhat of a Facebook alternative, advertising user privacy and independence from a data surveillance business model. MeWe’s administrators have taken to signalling against real free speech social media platforms such as Parler and Gab, a thumb in the face of their largely anti-establishment user base, many of whom joined the service to begin with in pursuit of a Facebook alternative that doesn’t censor.

An overwhelming majority of Americans who attended ‘Stop the Steal’ protests are peaceful and non-violent, with only a handful getting out of control during the January 6th raucous US Capitol riot. MeWe’s decision to implement political censorship en masse makes it no different than the worst Big Tech authoritarians, except for the deceptive marketing of a free speech social media platform.

In any event, a social media platform that bans arbitrarily defined “haters” is almost assured to have draconian anti-free speech policies. MeWe has opted for the path of a minuscule Big Tech clone in a betrayal of its own user base. Gab offers a wide range of social services without the politically correct censorship, and MeWe’s users should embrace it as the real home of free speech online.

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