White House: We Don’t Control The Senate So Democrats Got Their ‘Pound of Flesh’

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney admitted in a press briefing Thursday that Democrats ran the table on the Omnibus legislation.

Mulvaney said that Republicans do not actually control the Senate, due to rules requiring 60 votes — not a 51-vote majority — to effectively pass anything. President Trump has battled to get that 60-vote threshold down to 51 votes, but Mitch McConnell and other Republicans seem completely uninterested or unwilling to do so. The 60-vote threshold allows McConnell to blame Democrats for the fact that he doesn’t pass conservative bills. In reality, McConnell does not want to pass conservative bills.

Mulvaney said that Democrats got their “pound of flesh” in budget negotiations. Aside from a swipe at CNN’s Jim Acosta, who was not in the room, Mulvaney appeared to be on defense when grilled about House Freedom Caucus opposition to the $1.3 trillion omnibus.

President Trump has signaled that he will sign the bill, though nothing is final until it’s final. As we reported, the bill blocks funding for President Trump’s new wall and gives him a little more than a billion dollars to repair or fortify existing border fences.


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