White House: It’s A ‘Flat Out Lie’ That We Leaked Commercial Flight Details of Nancy Pelosi’s Cancelled Trip

Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s team claimed that the President Trump White House leaked details of a commercial trip that she was supposedly planning to take after the president cancelled her military aircraft to Brussels, Belgium and the Middle East.

“The idea we would leak anything that would put the safety and security of any American at risk is a flat out lie,” the White House says in a statement Friday.

Pelosi’s assertion is being reported in the media despite some very big problems with the story:

  1. Pelosi’s team has not offered any proof whatsoever that they actually purchased commercial flight tickets.
  2. There is no record of any articles or reports showing the White House leaking information about any commercial trip Pelosi was going to take.

Even the mainstream media cannot find where the White House supposedly carried out this alleged “leak,” which is a pretty major gaping hole in their press reports where they simply recite Pelosi talking points.

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