White House Prepares Recommendation for All Americans to Wear Masks to Combat Coronavirus

The White House is preparing to issue formal national guidelines that will urge Americans to wear face coverings in an effort to deter the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

STAT News initially reported that a draft document for the guidance is urging Americans to use household face and mouth coverings, allowing medical personnel to use the supply of higher-grade protective equipment such as N95 respirators.

The Center for Disease Control is reported to have made the recommendation for a national facemask advisory to the federal government.

The guidelines might suggest the use of bandanas and other cloth coverings. The intention is to deter those who unknowingly have the disease from spreading it to other people, as opposed to preventing those wearing protection from catching it.

Mainstream media entities and even the World Health Organization actually recommended that the public refrain from utilizing face masks at the beginning of the global epidemic, scientifically dubious advice that seems to have been given as more of a ‘noble lie’ than anything else. Masks of various kinds do in fact deter the spread of the disease, and can protect the bodily orifices through which the virus molecules are most likely to enter.

An official close to the President clarified to STAT that the nationwide recommendation is not yet official, and that the guidelines may be modified before officially entering in to effect. STAT’s report indicates that discussion is ongoing within the administration over whether or not to make the recommendation to all Americans, as opposed to those living in areas within advanced spread of the virus such as New York and Louisiana.

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