White Lowe’s Employee Gets Beaten & Then Fired for Confronting Black Shoplifters

Donna Hansbrough, a veteran employee of Lowe’s, was fired after black shoplifters brutally beat her and robbed the store of roughly $2,100 of goods at a store in Georgia. In this instance, Hansbrough tried to defend herself, which was a violation of Lowe’s policy. 

After 13 years of service to Lowe’s, an elderly white woman has been fired after she received a beating and black eye from black shoplifters brazenly rolling $2,100 worth of goods out of a store in Georgia. That’s the steep price she paid for heroically trying to thwart the trio’s theft — in violation of Lowe’s policy. 

“They say that if you see somebody stealing something out the door, not to pursue, not to go out. I lost it,” Donna Hansbrough said to the Effingham Herald. “I grabbed the cart. I don’t actually remember going out but I did. And I grabbed the cart that had the stolen items in (it).”

On June 25, 2023, Takyah Berry punched Hansbrough in the face three times, which left her with a black eye. Berry was allegedly accompanied by her uncle, Joseph Berry, and a man named Jarmar Lawton. After beating Hansbrough, Berry and her accomplices left the scene with the stolen goods.

“I just got tired of seeing things get out the door. I just, I lost it. I basically lost all the training. Everything they tell you to do, I just…I just lost it,” Hansbrough stated, who is tired of Lowe’s pro-criminal policies..

“I didn’t expect to get terminated,” Lowe added. “Maybe a reprimand or a suspension.” 

Lowe’s policy banning employees confronting criminals is commonplace among major retailers, who want to avoid bad publicity connected to employees confronting criminals or any other risks associated with such actions. 

What we see with these cases of companies not backing up their employees is typical of American culture that has become more sympathetic towards criminals. This goes to show that the Right must retake all institutions — businesses, governments, and civil society — if it wants to restore order at all levels of American society. This country is sick and it’s in dire need of a nationalist cure. 

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