White People are Denied Shots Under COVID-19 Vaccine Regime in Washington State

In the state of Washington, white people are being denied shots under the COVID-19 vaccine regime under the guise of equality and fairness.

Jason Rantz of KTTH Radio broke the news of this systemic racism in leftist public health policy:

The African American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH) is leading the push to discriminate against white people and deny them vaccine shots based solely on the color of their skin.

“Eligible recipients can sign up for vaccines using their online scheduler. But if you’re white, you’re not able to access any open vaccine appointments,” Rantz reported.

“By default, white people are put on a standby list — one of two lists segregated by race — for vaccine access. They will only provide their online appointments to people of color,” he added.

The AARTH explained that they are complying with the law and abiding by directives set forth through the Washington State Department of Health.

“Part of the reason we ask that is because of the funding that we receive,” AARTH consultant Twanda Hill said during a radio interview. “They want to know. … We have funding because we are able to reach people of color. Federal funding, state funding, county funding. They want to know who are we serving.”

The state of Washington is defending their blatantly racist policies, arguing that excluding certain people because of the color of their skin is actually inclusive, as diversity cheapens the public discourse and makes everything more stupid.

DOH spokesperson Franji Mayes claimed that their official policy of discrimination is really combating “systemic inequities” within the healthcare field. Spokesperson Kristen Maki claimed that “prioritization is designed to address current inequities and barriers to accessing vaccine, and get the people who are at highest risk vaccinated first while federal vaccine supply remains limited.”

Rantz pointed out that these arguments do not hold up to basic scrutiny and are really just gobbledygook to defend woke insanity. He noted that “under the current process, an older white person with obesity and cancer is at a higher risk than a young and healthy Black person. Yet the white Washingtonian would be denied access based exclusively on his skin color.”

“Apparently, the DOH believes privilege grants white people magical access to limited vaccine appointments,” he concluded.

The anti-white agenda from the Left is approaching genocidal levels. This racism will only continue until it leads to widespread violence if it is not remedied.

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