WHOOPS: Amy Klobuchar Misspeaks Before Crowd by Saying She’ll be Joe Biden’s VP

While on the campaign trail advocating for former Vice President Joe Biden, Minnesota Senator and failed 2020 presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar committed an embarrassing gaffe when she accidentally revealed to a crowd of Biden supporters that she would be part of the 2020 Democrat presidential ticket.

According to Amanda Golden of NBC News, Klobuchar had somewhat “of a Freudian slip” when the Minnesota Senator said she “couldn’t think of a better way to end my candidacy than join the ticket.”

Golden tweeted, “Bit of a Freudian slip…while stumping for @JoeBiden just now in Grand Rapids, MI @amyklobuchar says she “couldn’t think of a better way to end my candidacy than join the ticket…” to big applause. She quickly corrected to say ‘join the terrific campaign of Joe Biden’”

After making the statement, the crowd applauded Klobuchar. The Minnesota Senator, however, quickly retracted, and changed her comments to clarify that she was joining the “terrific campaign of Joe Biden,” not the Democrats’ presidential ticket.

Klobuchar dropped out of the 2020 right before Super Tuesday, quickly supporting Biden, which probably had an impact on former vice president’s victory in her home state of Minnesota.

Although the Biden campaign has not announced that they have a vice presidential candidate in line, Biden has told reporters before that he wants a woman on the ticket.

Regardless of who Biden chooses, the current Democrat Party is too culturally radical for any sensible American who wants to preserve traditional American liberties like gun rights and free speech.

This is one election where the Republican incumbent, President Donald Trump, is actually worth re-electing.

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