Why Did The Pop Tart Lizard Adopt A Lecherous-Sounding Voice and Catch Phrase?

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts have at times been sponsored by a cartoon lizard, as part of Kellogg’s “Crazy Good” stable of advertising characters.

However, the company changed the lizard from its previous incarnation, which had an old-timey show business voice a la Eddie Murphy’s “Gumby,” into a lecherous-sounding predator who actually licks another character in a children’s commercial while lisping, “Time to get my jollies.”

The new lecherous-sounding lizard was rolled out in a commercial promoting Pop Tarts’ Jolly Rancher-flavored line. Jolly Rancher is owned by the Hershey corporation.

Look at the version of the lizard as of a recent commercial put out in 2017. The lizard has become much more aggressive and the slogan “Time to get my jollies” is spoken with a lecherous double entendre. The Pop Tarts look like they are trapped and uncomfortable as the lizard literally puts his tongue on one of them:

Now look at the 2004 version of the lizard, and it’s easy to spot the difference.

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