Why The IMF Is The Biggest Bully On The Planet

Have you ever heard of the Lagarde list? The Lagarde list was the biggest scandal on the planet. A perpetrator obtained STOLEN private banking information from the only country on the planet where your bank account is a person’s most protected asset: Switzerland. At the time that this BREACH supposedly happened Christine Lagarde was the Minister of Finance of France. The information in her possession was used as leverage to all EU economies to remain in the EU economic system. This stolen information was distributed among all nation states advising them of citizens that had unmarked, undeclared money in Switzerland.

The Lagarde list was what took down and dismantled the Greek economy. It was that covert and highly illegal maneuver that propelled her career to be the Managing Director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). If you google things about the IMF it comes off as a do-good institution and as of 2016, the fund had SDR 477 billion (about $666 billion).

SDR / XDR is a currency value that ONLY the IMF uses to show claim to all global currencies. Christine Lagarde has a reputation that proceeds her in any nation other than the USA because no local news agencies ever report on the activities of the IMF. They dictate debt for every single country on the planet EXCEPT for four nations on the planet: Cuba, Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Lagarde was actually an intern in Washington. Did you know that? She worked as an intern for Rep William Cohen one of the most vocal people against the GOP accepting President Trump as the Republican nominee, causing a chasm in the party. Before that she had joined Chicago-based law firm Baker & McKenzie.

The G7 Summit is highly confidential and a lot is discussed. President Trump’s late arrival to the breakfast went viral after an AP photo, but the mainstream media concealed the real reason for his lateness, which speaks volumes. This is the “morning after breakfast” where they come to an agreement to discuss what the Communique is. What is the Communique? It’s basically a jointly approved statement of the resolutions during discussion and who dictates? Obviously the one who dictates every country’s currency: Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the IMF. She is present at EVERY single global meeting and forum but never referred to as the head of the table even though she is (she’s more of a de facto boss, like Tony Soprano).

Why was Russia excluded from G8? Was it Crimea? No. Russia is the only country on the planet that has no debt. Crimea was an excuse. President Trump’s advocacy to bring Russia back into these meetings is because their GDP is necessary to create global trade agreements beneficial for all, but the IMF doesn’t want a country that refuses to accept debt and hence they decided in March 2014 to let Russia go even though annexation of Crimea was a result of the Ukrainian revolution which was basically kicked off by their extensive debt they had to the IMF with Germany as a guarantor. How does a country in Europe with the most reserves on the continent of natural gas and other natural resources? The same way Greece, Italy, Spain and every single nation state did – borrowing against their government assets such as resources and being forced into unfair unilateral trade agreements that all have France and Germany as benefactors and they pass through creditors for the IMF.

There was no Communique! Was it Justin Trudeau’s behavior or the fact that Christine Lagarde wouldn’t compromise? The fact is, IMF is never mentioned but always the coordinator and organizer of these meetings. I believe the IMF and their syndicates have met their match with President Donald J. Trump as he is truly seeking a free market with fair trade that the IMF is unhappy about because of the evil $666 Billion interest they have on global currencies and such actions from unmonitored trade agreements can throw their control into disarray and “bankrupt” them. How do you bankrupt the head of the banking system whose only business is to never have currency but create currency out of debt? This is over my paygrade but this is something to think about .

Though, having said that, last time nations tried to cross Christine Lagarde she destroyed them all, so as Americans we should be on alert regarding this Obama administration foreign national that runs a bank with questionable currency that dictates ALL global trade and debt and ONLY prefers debt to liquid nations.We should be seeing a lot of head butting with companies and countries alike challenging our President because of all the pressures they are enduring as entities from the biggest bully on the planet. The IMF.


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