Wife of Navy Engineer Arrested for Sale of Classified Submarine Secrets Appears to be ‘Woke’ Leftist Progressive

A woman arrested with her Navy nuclear engineer husband for allegedly seeking to sell classified secrets on submarines this weekend appears to be a ‘woke’ leftist progressive, with her social media pages dripping with anti-Trump, pro-BLM and left-wing rhetoric.

Diana Toebee’s Facebook page is filled with posts in support of far-left judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the Black Lives Matter street terror movement. A Twitter page seemingly belonging to her follows numerous far-left anti-Trump accounts, such as the insufferable ‘alt’ government agency accounts created by liberal bluechecks during Trump’s reign on the presidential throne.

Toebee’s page features a profile picture of the transgender flag.

Another Diana Toebee profile picture brags about women “stopping Trump.”

Actual cases of espionage and betrayal of classified information to foreign governments are exceptionally rare in the United States, although that didn’t stop MSNBC’s audience from fanatically and falsely insisting that Donald Trump and his supporters were engaged in fantastical and treasonous plots to betray the United States to Russia. It’s no small irony that the perpetrators of what would be a major espionage crime, if legit, are left-wing progressives who would seem to be regular Rachel Maddow viewers.

Toebee is the wife of Jonathan Toebee, a Navy nuclear engineer officer. Both of the Toebees were arrested over the weekend for a plot the FBI alleges involved the sale of classified submarine secrets to those they thought were representatives of a foreign government. Most recently, the Toebees allegedly orchestrated the transfer of sub secrets inside a peanut butter sandwich to someone they thought was a spy. In reality, it appears the Toebee’s alleged spy connect was actually an FBI agent setting up the sting.

Jonathan Toebee appears to be a renaissance and medieval enthusiast of some sort. If the charges alleged by the FBI are accurate, it would make the Navy nuke an embarrassment to the medieval reenactment community, who conceivably understand the importance of living up to one’s word in the originally medieval custom of a sworn oath.

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