Wikileaks Claims Julian Assange will be Expelled from Ecuadorian Embassy and Arrested Imminently

Governmental transparency organization Wikileaks has revealed that their founder, Julian Assange, is facing renewed threats of arrest and prosecution for his work exposing corruption and publishing documents from whistleblowers.

The group claims to have been informed by a “high level source” within the Ecuadorian government that Assange will be expelled from his residency in Ecuador’s Embassy to the UK within “hours to days.” Assange has resided in the Embassy since 2012, facing threats of prosecution and potential extradition for his role as the editor of Wikileaks.

The source claims that Ecuador has reached an agreement with the UK government to hand over Assange for arrest. It’s unclear if Assange will be arrested for publishing classified documents embarrassing to government elites, or for an unrelated sexual assault allegation dating back to 2010 in Sweden.

The government of Ecuador may claim that Assange has violated the terms of his political asylum by publishing documents exposing corruption from the South American nation’s President, Lenin Moreno.

Securing the arrest of Assange would represent a win for U.S government officials associated with the so-called Deep State. While Assange originally became widely known for publishing leaked documents that painted the Iraq War in negative terms, he’s become a hated figure among liberals and progressives in recent years for publishing leaked emails within the Democratic National Committee revealing that the party bosses rigged the 2016 Democratic presidential primary for Hillary Clinton.

However, this isn’t the first time that an arrest of Assange has been described as imminent. There have been numerous reports in recent years indicating Assange would face extradition and prosecution from U.S government, that have never materialized.

It remains to be seen if Assange will in fact be expelled from the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrested. Big League Politics is monitoring the situation.

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