Wikipedia’s Founder is Creating New Free Speech Competitor to Website, Citing Leftist Domination

The man who originally created online encyclopedia Wikipedia is pledging to create a new platform to replace it, citing Wikipedia’s left-wing bias.

Larry Sanger, who co-founded Wikipedia in 2001 before leaving the project, is describing his Encyclosphere as a networked aggregation of existing and new encyclopedia content, which will be distinguished from the colorful and unverified content slung onto Wikipedia by the site’s user base. Sanger envisions millions of people writing and submitting encyclopedia entries, which can be rated and judged for accuracy by their readers themselves, rather than the “arrogant and controlling oligarchy” Sanger maintains is running Wikipedia.

Sanger admitted that Wikipedia had become “badly biased” last year, citing the use of political propaganda by establishment editors on the site who consistently lock down articles pertaining to publicly discussed topics and figures.

Sanger cited pages documenting the history of the Soviet Union as an example of Wikipedia bias in remarks provided to Just the News on Friday. He’s previously cited Wikipedia pages for Donald Trump and Jesus Christ as examples of the thick leftist bias on the platform, disregarding Wikipedia’s old “no point of view” policy in favor of content that serves as little more than left-wing hitpieces.

Left-wing operatives, at times paid by powerful interests, use Wikipedia’s seniority system to defame conservatives and protect the reputations of their own progressive and liberal daddies. Allegations of child grooming and wide-ranging sexual harassment were hidden from the page of Lincoln Project pedophile John Weaver, with leftist editors claiming the information wasn’t relevant.

Wikipedia may very well be the most compromised and deceptive Big Tech platform present on the internet, using faux status as a neutral encyclopedia to defame conservatives and right-wingers. More disturbingly, Wikipedia has been used to distort historical events and culture, advancing the philosophy of hate under the guise of the 13th most popular website on the internet.

Sanger’s project may present a desperately needed alternative, and may recapture the Internet’s original spirit of free expression and the flow of information.

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