Will House Republicans Carry Out the Will of Grassroots Voters by Voting for Jim Jordan as Speaker?

After Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was ousted as House Speaker, Republicans in the United States House have frantically scrambled to find a replacement. 

On October 16, 2023, however, Republicans appeared to consolidate their support around Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) as a potential replacement for McCarthy. 

At least 132 House Republicans have publicly thrown their support for the Ohio congressman as McCarthy’s successor. There’s reason to believe that the number of elected officials backing Jordan is more than those who manifested their public support for him. 

On October 13, Jordan received the conference nomination with 124 votes in his defeat of Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) in an internal party vote that took place behind closed doors. Jordan subsequently won 152 votes on the second ballot when members were asked if they would back him on the House floor. 

Ultimately, Jordan needs 217 votes on the House floor to obtain the gavel.

The following House members have gone on record in support of Jordan as House Speaker: 

  1. Robert Aderholt
  2. Mark Alford
  3. Kelly Armstrong
  4. Jodey Arrington
  5. Brian Babin
  6. Troy Balderson
  7. Jim Banks
  8. Andy Barr
  9. Jack Bergman
  10. Andy Biggs
  11. Gus Bilirakis
  12. Dan Bishop
  13. Lauren Boebert
  14. Mike Bost
  15. Josh Brecheen
  16. Larry Bucshon
  17. Vern Buchanan
  18. Tim Burchett
  19. Michael Burgess
  20. Eric Burlison
  21. Ken Calvert
  22. Kat Cammack
  23. Mike Carey
  24. Jerry Carl
  25. Buddy Carter
  26. Ben Cline
  27. Michael Cloud
  28. Andrew Clyde
  29. Tom Cole
  30. Mike Collins
  31. James Comer
  32. Eli Crane
  33. Dan Crenshaw
  34. Warren Davidson
  35. Monica De La Cruz
  36. Scott DesJarlais
  37. Byron Donalds
  38. John Duarte
  39. Jeff Duncan
  40. Neal Dunn
  41. Tom Emmer
  42. Ron Estes
  43. Mike Ezell
  44. Drew Ferguson
  45. Brad Finstad
  46. Michelle Fischbach
  47. Scott Fitzgerald
  48. Mike Flood
  49. Viginia Foxx
  50. Scott Franklin
  51. Russell Fry
  52. Russ Fulcher
  53. Matt Gaetz
  54. Mike Garcia
  55. Bob Good
  56. Paul Gosar
  57. Mark Green
  58. Marjorie Taylor Greene
  59. Glenn Grothman
  60. Harriet Hageman
  61. Andy Harris
  62. Kevin Hern
  63. Clay Higgins
  64. French Hill
  65. Ashley Hinson
  66. Erin Houchin
  67. Richard Hudson
  68. Bill Huizenga
  69. Darrell Issa
  70. Ronny Jackson
  71. Bill Johnson
  72. Dusty Johnson
  73. Mike Johnson
  74. Jim Jordan
  75. Darin LaHood
  76. Nicholas Langworthy
  77. Robert Latta
  78. Michael Lawler
  79. Debbie Lesko
  80. Barry Loudermilk
  81. Anna Paulina Luna
  82. Nancy Mace
  83. Nicole Malliotakis
  84. Thomas Massie
  85. Brian Mast
  86. Kevin McCarthy
  87. Tom McClintock
  88. Richard McCormick
  89. Patrick McHenry
  90. Daniel Meuser
  91. Mary Miller
  92. Max Miller
  93. Cory Mills
  94. Marcus Molinaro
  95. Alex Mooney
  96. Bary Moore
  97. Nathaniel Moran
  98. Greg Murphy
  99. Troy Nehls
  100. Ralph Norman
  101. Zach Nunn
  102. Andrew Ogles
  103. Gary Palmer
  104. Scott Perry
  105. August Pfluger
  106. Bill Posey
  107. Guy Reschenthaler
  108. Mike Rogers
  109. Matt Rosendale
  110. Chip Roy
  111. George Santos
  112. David Schweikert
  113. Austin Scott
  114. Keith Self
  115. Michael Simpson
  116. Jason Smith
  117. Lloyd Smucker
  118. Elise Stefanik
  119. Bryan Steil
  120. Greg Steube
  121. Thomas Tiffany
  122. William Timmons
  123. Mike Turner
  124. Jeff Van Drew
  125. Derrick Van Orden
  126. Ann Wagner
  127. Michael Waltz
  128. Randy Weber
  129. Daniel Webster
  130. Joe Wilson
  131. Ryan Zinke
  132. Rick Crawford

Despite the growing momentum for Jordan, he failed to win a first vote on October 17. He only picked up 200 votes, a vote count that fell short of the 217 needed to assume the position of House Speaker. 20 Republicans voted against Jordan, while 212 Democrats voted for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. 

“The Speaker vote today will be the ultimate test for center left Republicans. Do they stand with the GOP base or do they join the Democrats to block Jim Jordan? Patriots will not forget this vote,” GOP strategist Cliff Maloney told Big League Politics. “A vote against Jim Jordan is a 100% guarantee that you will be challenged in 2024 by a real conservative.”

Ultimately, a vote for Jim Jordan allows for America First patriots to finally have a path forward towards changing the DC policy agenda. The likes of Kevin McCarthy and his predecessors such as Paul Ryan and John Boehner are part of an establishment cabal of Republicans who only strive to serve the interests of the Chamber of Commerce and the military-industrial complex.

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