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Will Indiana be the Next State to Pass Constitutional Carry?

Constitutional Carry is becoming the hottest right wing legislative item in state legislatures nationwide.



Indiana’s Constitutional Carry legislation, House Bill 1369,  was approved by the House Public Policy Committee on February 15, 2021. According to the NRA-ILA, the bill “may now go to the Ways and Means Committee before going on to the full House for further consideration.”

Under HB 1369, any lawful adult who is legally allowed to acquire a carry permit under Indiana law can now carry a handgun without having to beg the government for permission. This is how the Second Amendment is supposed to work. However, state legislatures across the country have sought to undermine that over the last century.

Constitutional Carry serves to reverse that trend. HB 1369 does not affect previously issued carry permits and allows Indianans to obtain a permit for reciprocity purposes in the case they decide to carry in other states outside of Indiana.

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If Indiana passes this law, it would become the 19th state in the nation to embrace Constitutional Carry. When it’s all said and done, Constitutional Carry will perhaps end up being the most successful right-wing movement in recent memory. 

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America First Florida Rep Anthony Sabatini Introduces Pro-Second Amendment Bills that Would Repeal Red Flag Laws and Make the State a 2A Sanctuary



Anthony Sabatini has quickly established himself as the most Pro-Trump State House Representative in Florida.

And he’s pushing the envelope even further by introducing legislation that will make Florida a “second amendment sanctuary” and repeal the state’s current red flag law

Last week, Sabatini unveiled House Memorial 1135, which directs Congress to designate Florida as a Second Amendment sanctuary state.

“Florida is the nation’s beacon of Freedom—and no state or local official should administer any unconstitutional law,” Sabatini added.

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The memorial alludes to the U.S. Constitution as well as the state’s constitution as far as the right to bear arms is concerned.

On February 2x, 2021, Sabatini made an announcement with regards to his filing of HB 6083, the bill which would repeal Florida’s unconstitutional red flag law. Under red flag laws, judges have the ability to confiscate firearms without due process.

“The Bill also repeals other irrational anti-#2A laws—including the law prohibiting adults 18-20 years of age from purchasing firearms,” Sabatini commented.

For those of us with short-term memory, Florida passed a red flag gun confiscation order in 2018 under the watch of a Republican-controlled state legislature. U.S. Senator Rick Scott was governor at the time and ended up signing the red flag bill, SB 7026, into law. He was sadly rewarded with higher office by voters that election cycle.

Thankfully, the Sunshine State can count on the likes of Sabatini to make things right. More legislators will likely need to copy his example in order to rid Florida of this gun control abomination.

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