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Will Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Taxes Unleash a Yellow Vest Ascendancy in Canada?

Globalist politicians are becoming bolder as their power slips away, and the yellow vest movement is spreading as a result.



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is following in French President Emmanuel Macron’s footsteps by instituting Draconian carbon taxes on his people to supposedly combat climate change.

Trudeau is punishing four provinces that refused his push for higher taxation. He is imposing a tax of C$20 ($15) per ton, increasing by C$10 a year until it ultimately reaches C$50 in 2022. The tax will apply in the provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

“As of today, it’s no longer free to pollute anywhere in Canada,” wrote Trudeau’s environment minister, Catherine McKenna, in a tweet.

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“Climate change is real … some politicians may not care much, but our kids and our grandkids do,” she added.

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Trudeau’s Conservative Party opposition is vowing to fight the imposition of this carbon tax in the courts.

“We’re going to keep fighting this carbon tax with every single tool at our disposal,” Ontario premier Doug Ford said.

“We now have four provinces representing half the population in this nation that say this is a flawed policy,” said Scott Moe, the premier of Saskatchewan, to the CBC.

Trudeau may have more to worry about than institutional push-back in the courts and legislatures. When French President Emmanuel Macron dictated crippling carbon taxes upon his people last year, they began taking to the streets wearing yellow vests to show their ruling elite who is really in control.

“What I’ve taken from these last few days is that we shouldn’t change course because it is the right one and necessary,” Macron said in his initial response to the yellow vests movement. “We need to change how we work because a number of our citizens feel this policy course is imposed on them from above.”

“I understand the demands of these citizens, but I won’t give in to those who want destruction and disorder,” the French president added.

Macron would eventually capitulate, and offer concessions to the Yellow Vests, but it was already too late by that time. The Yellow Vests have returned every weekend to make their presence known and become a staple of the political scene in France.

In bad news for Trudeau, the Yellow Vests have already spread to Canada. An off-shoot of the French cause has been organizing for months, and the carbon tax push might be the fuel they need to take their efforts to the next level.

The Yellow Vests of Canada have a Facebook group with over 108,000 members whose stated goal is “to protest the CARBON TAX and the Treason of our country’s politicians who have the audacity to sell out OUR country’s sovereignty over to the Globalist UN and their Tyrannical policies.” During their rallies, members of the movement echo familiar populist concerns.

“This is a blatant attack on our national sovereignty and our individual freedoms as a nation state,” said a yellow vest organizer, who was furious that Canada signed onto the UN Migration Pact, to a raucous crowd outside of the Alberta Legislature in 2018.

“We fought for that in two world wars and we’re just going to hand it over to a [foreign] body? I’m totally for immigration; we need immigration in Canada … but we want it done properly,” yellow vest supporter Carman Doan said to the Toronto Star. “We don’t want to just open our borders wide because we’re not even a country then.”

Trudeau could be pouring rocket fuel on the Yellow Vests of Canada by attempting to force his carbon tax on various provinces against their will. Globalism is growing increasingly unpopular, and Trudeau may be on the receiving end of populist fury if he is not careful.

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36-Year-Old Woman ‘is Gang Raped’ by Migrants ‘After Stopping to Talk to Them about Their Situation’

She learned about migrants the hard way.



A 36-year-old woman was allegedly gang raped by four migrants after stopping to talk to them about their situation in a cautionary tale for what is happening in the West as a result of the mindless embrace of tolerance and diversity.

The woman was reportedly accosted by the migrants while traversing Agua La Perra park in the town of Mogan on the Spanish holiday island of Gran Canaria. She was treated by a doctor at a hospital before reporting the crime, and Spain’s Civil Guard has apprehended four suspects after conducting an investigation.

While the West has been sold on diversity being a strength, the actual fruits of the new multicultural system being imposed by globalists tell a much different story.

Big League Politics has reported on how the refugee resettlement program that has flooded the U.S. and Europe with third-world migrants has been dictated based on bribes rather than legitimate humanitarian need:

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The Democratic Party wants to dump thousands of so-called refugees into the United States, but a burgeoning scandal for the European refugee resettlement program may put the globalist scheme into jeopardy.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has been exposed for accepting bribes from certain migrants to facilitate their relocation into Western nations. Hamdi Abdullahi explained to NBC News how her children were robbed from her due to UN corruption.

“I’m like the walking dead,” she said.

Her four children were essentially kidnapped from her after her ex-husband paid off UNHCR resettlement officer David Momanyi. He took the bribe money to made sure she was estranged from her children. Her ex-husband and children are now living in Minnesota, as she sits in a UN refugee camp with 200,000 Somalis without her family.

An anonymous UN whistle-blower confirms that Abdullahi’s story is more than mere sour grapes. He claims to have personally collected tens of thousands of dollars from refugees on Momanyi’s behalf, proving that the resettlement program is about something far more pernicious than compassion.

Abdullahi’s ex-husband paid almost $20,000 in several installments according to the whistle-blower. Momanyi was described by refugees as “the architect of corruption and refugee resettlement problems.”

The UNHCR’s staff is denying the scandal, hoping to sweep it under the rug so they can continue the globalist plan to flood the West with the refuse of the third-world.

“The overwhelming majority of 16,000 staff and affiliated workforce are deeply committed professionals, many of whom are working in difficult environments, sometimes risking their own safety. But as in other organizations, we are not immune to risk or failures on the part of individuals,” said UNHCR spokesperson Cecile Pouilly to NBC News. “This is why we have established a solid safeguarding structure, which has been further strengthened in the last two years and which we continuously seek to improve.”

However, a seven-month investigation spanning five separate countries show that Abdullahi’s case is far from an isolated incident. Over 50 refugees registered with the UNHCR from Uganda, Yemen, Kenya, Libya, and Ethiopia have described extreme corruption in the program, following claims made by refugees in Sudan last year.

The West has been sold a deadly lie. The civilization may not survive unless there is a drastic change in immigration policy across the U.S. and Europe.

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