Will Liz Cheney be Booted from Office?

A new poll from Club for Growth, a fiscally conservative political action committee, shows that congresswoman Liz Cheney will have an incredibly rough re-election bid.

According to a WPAi poll of 415 likely voters from April 21 to April 22, 52% of Wyoming GOP primary voters would pull the lever against her irrespective of who is challenging her in the 2022 primaries. Only 14% would actually support Cheney.

Making matters worse, 65% of GOP primary voters in Wyoming view Cheney negatively, whereas 29% of them view her positively. On the other hand, 19% of GOP primary voters viewed Trump negatively, while 79% view Trump positively. 

The poll, which came out on May 5, comes at a time when Cheney’s spot as the chair of the House Republican Conference is being challenged by Republican rivals in the US House.

This is the second time her conference chairmanship has been subject to attack from more pro-Trump Republicans. In early February, Cheney was able to beat back a challenge for her leadership position.

Cheney represents the Republican Party of yore, which is obsessed with decency politics and shilling for special interest groups such as defense contractors.

While it’s great that Cheney will likely be removed from her chair position, the more important task is to relieve her of the burden of holding higher office during the primaries and replace her with a true America First patriot.

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