Will the Biden Regime Provide Saudi Arabia the Means to Become a Nuclear Power?

According to a report by Haaretz, United States President Joe Biden still hasn’t made a decision to allow Saudi Arabia enrich uranium within its border. 

The potential for the Saudis to go nuclear is part of an ongoing diplomatic normalization process the US is facilitating between Saudi Arabia and Israel. The Biden regime is looking at several alternatives on the nuclear question and it has been expected to back a civilian nuclear program in Saudi Arabia. 

How the program would be carried out is still up in the air. One possibility the Biden regime has entertained is the creation of an enrichment facility in Saudi Arabia which would fall under the category as an American facility and could be operated from far away. That said, the Biden regime still hasn’t put forward a detailed plan for this. According to nuclear experts who were in touch with Haaretz, they believe that Saudi Arabia could potentially disconnect the American remote control, without much of an issue.

The Biden regime had also been trying forge a defense agreement with Saudi Arabia that mirrors one the US currently has with South Korea. In such an agreement, the US would promise to provide military aid to Saudi Arabia in the event that a neighboring country attacked the Gulf Arab nation. This agreement is centered around creating deterrence against Iran. Per several reports, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman views this defense agreement and nuclear enrichment as the most important items on Saudi Arabia’s list of security demands for the US.

Thus far, the Biden regime has been hesitant about the Saudis building their own indigenous nuclear program.

By contrast, the Wall Street Journal published a story demonstrating that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu  has been receptive to the Saudi demand, despite concerns manifested by the Israeli security establishment. 

In August, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer stated that if the Biden regime does not agree to Saudi Arabia’s nuclear demands, the Saudis will have their nuclear demands met through another country. American authorities viewed this statement as an effort by the to exert pressure on the US to give in to MBS’s demands.

Ultimately, the US should allow the Saudis to determine their own security architecture. It should not be obligated to defend foreign countries across the globe when it has so many problems at home.

What will happen here is anyone’s guess. After the recent Hamas attacks on Israel, it looks like Saudi-Israeli normalization efforts will have to be put on hold for the time being. 

With the way the world is changing, it would not be absurd to envision a Saudi Arabia that is no longer under US influence.

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