Will the Biden Regime’s Gaza Ald Plan Put American Troops At Risk?

Certain security experts believe that President Joe Biden’s scheme for the United States military to build an artificial port to deploy humanitarian assistance to Gaza places American troops at risk for political reasons.

During his State of the Union address on March 7, 2024, Biden announced that the US military would employ an artificial dock and pier system to establish a maritime aid corridor into Gaza as thousands of civilians are facing famine-like conditions. That said, critical aspects of the plan are still up in the air, which includes how the regime will guarantee the safety of at least 1,000 American troops involved in the mission. This raises questions about the Biden regime’s overall strategy and how much it has thought through the plan prior to announcing it.

Indeed, domestic politics are definitely playing a role in the Biden regime’s decision making. For example, at the end of February, over 100,000 registered Democrats voted “uncommitted” in the Democratic Michigan primary as activists called on  Democratic voters in the state, which has a significant population of Muslims and Arab-Americans, to protest the Biden regime’s support of Israel’s brutal punitive campaign in Gaza. 

“I think the administration is looking for a way to look like they’re increasing aid to Gaza, in some sense to placate their own domestic constituencies,” Michael DiMino, an analysis at the Defense Priorities think tank and former CIA officer, said to the Daily Caller. “It’s a terrible idea.”

Anti-war critics believe the Biden regime is green lighting by Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and have pushed for a permanent ceasefire. This far, Biden has not requested Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to stop operations against the Hamas terrorist organization, but factions within his own party have pushed for more robust efforts to transport  more food, medicine and water into Gaza, per a report by The Associated Press.

“I think once … the primary was done in Michigan and turnout was lackluster, alarm bells were going off,” Robert Greenway, national security director at the Heritage Foundation, said to the Daily Caller. Domestic political calculations are “absolutely” shaping the regime’s consideration for wise military planning or Gaza’s humanitarian problems, Greenway continued.

On top of that, several things could go wrong with this plan. A potential Israel Defense Forces (IDF) presence to offer security could potentially draw Hamas attacks, with American troops, NGO staff and civilians caught in the crossfire. 

Elected officials from both sides of the aisle have manifested concerns about whether the plan will achieve the goals of improving the humanitarian crisis.

The Biden regime is reportedly expecting Israel to provide perimeter security and scale down military operations close to the beachhead, per NBC. On top of that, Israel will inspect aid in Cyprus prior to its shipment to the dock. Further, there might be a second inspection before this aid is loaded onto small Army vessels for shipment to the pier.

Israeli officials have hinted at hiring contractors to conduct patrolling missions along the beaches and distribution nodes, and getting other countries to assume the costs of these operations, per an NBC News report, referencing the analysis I or one former and two current American officials.

“What ends up typically happening in conflict zones is you go to whoever is in charge and you make an agreement, or you pay someone to make an agreement with whoever is in charge. The results of that are almost inevitably bad,” Greenway stated.

“Until Hamas is gone, there is no security plan because as long as Hamas is there, they’re firing rockets, small arms, etc.,” the operation is in danger, he continued.

Overall, the US is walking into a nasty quagmire here. By putting US troops close to Israel, Hamas will pounce to attack. The entire planet views the US as a co-belligerent in this conflict, especially Palestinians.

To avoid a potentially nasty military reversal, the US needs to stop bankrolling Israel and totally withdraw from the Middle East altogether.

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