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Will Trump Fire Robert Mueller?



Reports that President Donald Trump might fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel in the “Russia” investigation, is generating enthusiasm among his supporters.

Mueller is a close friend of former FBI director James Comey, which presents a conflict of interest in Mueller’s case, because Comey is the “star witness” in any potential obstruction of justice case against Trump, according to Byron York.

Natasha, proprietor of the Youtube channel Natasha Channel for Wellness Truth Trump News, called it a “fake investigation” in her video Monday.

“My time is best spent on Twitter, sending out my words and waking everybody up,” Natasha says in the video.

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“It doesn’t matter who the Deep State is. Do you know that nobody can control you unless you let them? And right now you have a Republican president with a bunch of wimpy people who haven’t left the swamp on both sides, and they’re still trying to control the government so that nothing gets done. They need to end this fake witch hunt immediately,” Natasha said.


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2018 Midterms

Virginia Republicans Coalesce Around Corey Stewart After Stellar Debate Performance



U.S. Senate Candidate from Virginia, Corey Stewart, is picking up momentum and support after crushing Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) in the first debate between the two yesterday.

“It’s time to retire these career politicians and elect true representation, starting with Tim Kaine,” wrote Frank McDonough in The Bull Elephant. “His opponent, Corey Stewart is a true Virginian and will vote in the Senate as a Virginian. Not a Trump sycophant, or a party shill. That’s all the people want, someone to look out for them across the Potomac in DC.”

The subtext of yesterday’s entire debate centered around Kaine’s image as a D.C. establishment lackey, an image that will likely be tough to shake after running for Vice President on Hillary Clinton’s ticket.

“In fact, there is only one conclusion to draw from the voting record of Virginias Democrat Senators, they are doing a great job of representing The Village, San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer,” McDonough wrote. “They are doing an abysmal job of representing Virginia.”

“Virginia values. That is the entire issue in the fall.  Whether Virginians will finally be represented by a Senator who reflects our values. Limited Government, Personal Liberty. National Security. National Pride. LEGAL Immigration.”

While bought-and-paid-for Democrats will not get the job done in Virginia, Stewart appears prepared to serve the agenda of Virginians, which largely aligns with the agenda of President Donald J. Trump.

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