Will Trump Fire Robert Mueller?

Reports that President Donald Trump might fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel in the “Russia” investigation, is generating enthusiasm among his supporters.

Mueller is a close friend of former FBI director James Comey, which presents a conflict of interest in Mueller’s case, because Comey is the “star witness” in any potential obstruction of justice case against Trump, according to Byron York.

Natasha, proprietor of the Youtube channel Natasha Channel for Wellness Truth Trump News, called it a “fake investigation” in her video Monday.

“My time is best spent on Twitter, sending out my words and waking everybody up,” Natasha says in the video.

“It doesn’t matter who the Deep State is. Do you know that nobody can control you unless you let them? And right now you have a Republican president with a bunch of wimpy people who haven’t left the swamp on both sides, and they’re still trying to control the government so that nothing gets done. They need to end this fake witch hunt immediately,” Natasha said.

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