WIN: NY Supreme Court Strikes Down Two Charges Based On New Gun Control Laws

According to a report from the Daily Caller, the New York State Supreme Court dropped two SAFE Act charges against a man who was convicted a few years ago for selling a semi-automatic rifle to an undercover cop.

The court ruled that the Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was not authorized to carry out charges against the defendant Benjamin Wassell.

Back in May 2014, Wassell was convicted of third-degree criminal possession of a firearm on top of  a third-degree criminal sale of a firearm.

This is the first conviction of New York’s SAFE Act that has been overturned since the law was passed in 2013. In response to the Sandy Hook shooting, the SAFE Act enacted universal gun registration for all firearms purchases, broadened the scope of assault weapons, created a state-run database for handguns, and banned the sale or purchase of magazines holding more than seven rounds of ammunition.

This is another win in the courts for New York gun owners, who saw its stun gun ban struck down by the courts last month.

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