WINNING: Dr. Rick Becker Elected As Trump Elector and GOP National Convention Delegate

On April 8, 2024, North Dakota congressional candidate Dr. Rick Becker scored major wins upon being elected as a GOP National Convention delegate and being selected as an official elector for Donald Trump. 

He released the following statement concerning recent developments:  

I am honored to represent Donald Trump as an official elector on behalf of North Dakota. Patriots are ready for America-First leadership in the White House that supports our values, will fight for our liberty, and will undo the damages of the corrupt Biden administration. I’m also grateful to be selected to represent North Dakota as an official delegate to the Republican National Convention.

Becker stressed that under the previous Trump administration, the United States’ southern border with Mexico was secure, the economy was booming, and there was a general sense of optimism in the air. In his concluding statement, the former State Representative stressed the need for a reversion to America First principles: 

Under President Trump, we saw a secure border and a thriving economy, where American citizens could feel safe and confident in their future. The Biden administration has since destroyed all of this progress, leaving our nation in disarray and our citizens feeling vulnerable. The time is now to put America first again.

Becker is running for North Dakota’s sole congressional seat in the 2024 election cycle. Based on his time in office in the North Dakota State House from 2012-2022, Becker was a powerful advocate for budgetary restraint, expanding gun rights, and securing our border.

His potential presence in Congress would mark a positive step towards restoring liberties in America. You can find more information on Rick at

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