WINNING: House Passes The Wall…Your Play, Mitch

The House of Representatives passed the continuing resolution with President Donald Trump’s wall money in it, putting Mitch McConnell and his Senate GOP majority on the hot seat as Americans demand action on border security.

The outgoing Paul Ryan majority actually did something right for once at the very end, passing the measure 217-185.

Will the Senate just suck it up and pass the bill now? Considering that General Mattis is no longer Defense Secretary, it would be pretty easy to find a new Defense Secretary who could get the Wall financed through the military, so McConnell might as well just pass the thing.

President Donald Trump stood firm on the Wall in his remarks Thursday before signing the Farm Bill, demanding that Congress fund his Wall — which they don’t even need to necessarily call a Wall, they can call it “Steel Slats” so long as it gets done.

“Any measure that funds the government must include border security. It has to. Not for political purposes but for our Country,” said President Trump, indicating that he is prepared to shut down the federal government by Friday’s deadline for passing a weakly “stopgap” spending bill with no Wall funding.

“A country without borders is a country not at all,” President Trump said. “I will not surrender this nation to criminal organizations…human trafficking and mass drug inflow must also be stopped.”

“It is our sacred obligation. We have no choice. For decades Washington abandoned this commitment…It was a total assault on our democracy itself.”

“More than 90 percent of heroin comes across our southern border,” President Trump said.

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