WINNING: Larry Kudlow Threatens More Tariffs Because He Is Awesome

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow threatened more tariffs on China Tuesday in a joint press conference with press secretary Sarah Sanders and national security adviser John Bolton.

The Kudlow-Sanders-Bolton trifecta worked, similar to the Jordan-Pippen-Rodman trio of the 1990’s Chicago Bulls. The reporters were also a bit more respectful in the briefing with the two men present, possibly due to the media’s obvious misogyny toward Sanders. 

Kudlow identified himself as a free trader, but asked if it’s really free trade when:

China violates World Trade Organization agreeements

China commits intellectual property theft against the United States.

China imposes high tariffs on American goods.

“Other presidents in both parties have raised the issue and then walked away from it. And President Trump obviously doesn’t intend to,” Kudlow said, referring to the trade imbalance that has sucked the life of out of the American economy for decades.

Watch the Entire Presser:

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