WINNING: Trump Administration Set to Reverse ‘Family Unit’ Illegal Immigration Loophole

The Trump administration is said to be preparing a change to the way in which the federal government detains family units of illegal immigrants.

Administration officials announced Wednesday that they will suspend the Flores agreement, a set of rules stemming from a 1992 court case regarding the detention of children and families in immigration detention facilities.

Populist commentator Ryan Girdusky first broke news of the upcoming change to federal immigration practices on Tuesday.

The Flores agreement requires the federal government to release full family units in federal immigration detention in less than 20 days. The changes to the rule will remove this minimal cap to detention periods of illegal immigrant families, allowing the authorities to properly resolve court cases related to their presence in the country while they remain in federal custody.

Posing as family units, while often fraudulently using trafficked children as props, had proven to be an incredibly useful loophole for human smugglers and illegal immigrants seeking to gain legal residence in the United States. The abrogation of the Flores rule will make that tactic obsolete, as migrants who arrive with minors in tow will face the same detention practices used on other illegal immigrants.

The change will also serve to ameliorate instances of children being separated from their families in immigration detention. Individuals inclined to seek residence in the United States using the loophole will no longer be able to use their supposed children to do so, giving them no reason to take tragically exploited minors across the border in dangerous circumstances.

Speaking at a press conference about the rule change on Wednesday morning, Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan said that “no child should be a pawn in a scheme to manipulate our immigration system. This action by the administration is just one part of our overall effort, but it’s an essential one.”

It’s possible thousands of children will be spared a horrible experience being used as props for suspect criminal elements, thanks to the rule change.