Winning: Trump is Gutting Refugee Admissions Program

Earlier this week, the Associated Press released piece covering President Donald Trump’s successful efforts to hack away at the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. This refugee resettlement program was established in 1980 through the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980.

For some time, the U.S. was a world leader in being a sanctuary for people fleeing unstable political situations. It usually admitted more refugees than all countries put together. However, the election of Trump in 2016 has dramatically changed American refugee policy. Trump has reduced refugee intake by over 80 percent and Canada has now become the number one spot for refugees.

Trump has been the first president since Calvin Coolidge to usher in some semblance of immigration restriction and put America First polices at the forefront of political discourse. Trump has tightened up the country’s asylum policies and scaled back a number of humanitarian programs which have routinely been abused by unscrupulous migrants. 80 million people have been estimated to be going through some form of displacement through war and famine. For globalists, First World countries have an obligation to resettle these people.

During each year of his presidency, Trump has reduced the cap of refugee admissions. In 2021, refugee intake is expected to reach a record low of 15,000. The State Department has defended these cuts on the grounds of protecting American workers during the Wuhan virus pandemic. Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s staunchest immigration restriction advisers, said the administration has worked to resettle refugees in countries closer to their countries of origin. If Trump is re-elected, one of his key priorities will be to keep refugees closer to home until the respective economic or political crises that caused to them to leave their home countries have been resolved.

Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch noted that Democrat presidential candidate President Joe Biden wants to bring in 120,000 refugees should he assume the presidency. Trump is the only candidate that wants to defend the integrity of America as a nation-state. Voters who believe in America First and want to keep America stable have one option to pull the lever for on November 3. And it’s Donald Trump.


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