Wisconsin Police Visit Mom Because She Allowed Her Child to Play at Friend’s House

A video surfaced yesterday showing Wiscosin police officers visiting the home of a parent who allowed her child to play at their friends house during stay-at-home orders.

The video starts as the mom answers the door and is greeted by two police officers, one male and one female.

The male officer says, “Hi, Amy…. Are you aware that we are in a stay-at-home order, right now?”

Amy replied, “Uh, yeah, obviously…. Yes. I am aware.”

From the tone of both the officers and the mom, it is clear the police had some sort of interaction with her recently about the matter.

To conversation continues:

Male Officer:  So, I don’t need to explain that to you?

Amy:  No. You don’t need to explain that to me.

Male Officer:  Okay. Because I can, if you need me to.

Amy:  You can, because you’re officer was here two weeks ago, and he explained to me that you guys weren’t enforcing that order.

Male Officer:  Oh. We’re about to. You understand it, though?

Amy:  Okay. So, why are you here?

Male Officer:  Besause you’re daughter is going to play at other people’s home, and you’re allowing it to happen.

Amy:  They were over here, as well. So…

Male Officer:  And they’ve been talked to. So, either you can acknowledge it or argue with it.

Amy:  Okay. I acknowledge it….

After this back and forth, there was some bickering between the female officer and Amy concerning whether Amy was required to give her middle initial and last name.

The interaction ended with the female officer informing Amy that it would be documented that she understood why they were there and that she was being uncooperative.

This interaction could be better understood if we had additional context. But there are some things that seem reasonable to conclude.

Amy had an interaction with an officer after days before, in which she was told they would not be enforcing the stay-at-home order.

Upon hearing this, Amy made a judgment call.  She decided it was reasonable to continue to allow her child to play with their friends.

She probably sees that as a reasonable decision because the chances of her child contracting, spreading, and killing someone, simply due to his play-date with a neighbor kid, is obviously extremely low.

Then, someone at the department either decided on their own or through the encouragement of an upper (or maybe even an annoying busy-body Karen type), that they were going to, at least, try to pursuade the mom into compliance.

They decided to do so via an additional house visit, which could reasonably be interpreted as harassment or a threat of enforcement.

If these conclusions are true, then this is another example of tyrannical governments and police departments pushing for unnecessary and unethical control over citizens lives.

Because these types of over the top orders and enforcement of said orders is obviously not for safety.

These orders are about daddy government and its enforcers taking away rights and seizing control over our lives, despite their proper role being the protection of individual rights.

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