Wisconsin Senate Votes to Approve Measure Banning Outside Private Money From Funding Elections

The Wisconsin state senate has passed a measure that would prevent Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other left-wing corporate oligarchs from buying election infrastructure in the state.

Assembly Bill 173 (AB173) was approved by the Wisconsin state senate by a 18-14 vote on Wednesday. It will stop the private financing of elections, similar to what happened in 2020 when Democrat-aligned corporations papered over election infrastructure throughout the country.

A statistical analysis conducted by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) showed that the Facebook electoral interference, referred to commonly as “Zuckbucks” by critics, boosted turnout for Joe Biden and helped swing the election in his favor.

“This analysis provides convincing evidence that the CTCL grants played a role in increasing turnout for Joe Biden in 2020. Wisconsin lawmakers should act to ensure local election administration isn’t captured by private money seeking partisan advantage,” said WILL research director Will Flanders.

While Facebook was bankrolling election infrastructure, they were hiring Democrat Party operatives who were censoring content on the massive monopoly platform in order to help Biden’s chances to win the presidency.

Big League Politics reported on this election scandal before the vote was even taken as the writing was on the wall for the steal that was to come:

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is calling for an investigation after a Facebook executive announced earlier today that the platform would be egregiously censoring a report detailing Hunter Biden’s leaked emails…

Hawley was responding to a shocking post from Facebook Communications Director Andy Stone, a veteran Democrat operative before being hired by the social media giant, who announced publicly that the report would be censored regardless of its accuracy…

The explosive report, which was initially published in the New York Post, detailed Hunter Biden’s drug-fueled cronyism. The emails showed how Hunter Biden introduced his father Joe, who was vice president at the time, to Ukrainian Burisma advisor Vadym Pozharskyi. This contradicts claims made by the Biden campaign that Joe and his troubled son never talked business while he was vice president.

“The seemingly selective nature of this public intervention suggests partiality on the part of Facebook,” Hawley wrote in a letter addressed to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“And your efforts to suppress the distribution of content revealing potentially unethical activity by a candidate for president raises a number of additional questions, to which I expect responses immediately,” he continued.

“Isn’t such a public intervention itself a reflection of Facebook’s assessment of a news report’s credibility?” Hawley asked.

“The New York Post previously reported that employees of the six largest Silicon Valley tech firms – including Facebook – have donated nearly $5 million to the Biden-Harris campaign, compared to just $239,000 to President Trump’s campaign. What steps has Facebook taken to ensure that your employees’ political preferences don’t influence decisions to suppress content?” Howley added.”

More states need to pass similar measures to protect the sanctity of the vote and prevent corporate influence from dictating the results of elections.

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