Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson: Joe Biden Has Imported 6 Million Illegal Aliens

At a Senate Homeland Security Committee  hearing on October 31, 2023 Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson revealed that the Biden regime has imported six million illegal aliens into the United States.

 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas gave testimony before the committee but provided few answers with respect to the unprecedented influx of illegal immigration to the US since Biden was installed in office.

Johnson claimed that his latest projection demonstrates that the Biden regime’s DHS has welcomed roughly six million illegal aliens into American communities since the beginning of 2021, which includes 1.7 million who are known to have successfully penetrated the southern border without any meaningful resistance from Border Patrol agents.

In addition, these figures included the millions that DHS has directly let loose into the US interior through its expansive Catch and Release network, which features a parole pipeline where new arrivals can obtain work permits and public benefits.

“We don’t know who these people are, we just know they’ve come to this country and are residing somewhere. Where are all these people residing? Where did the six million people go?” Johnson questioned Mayorkas, who did not provide a direct response to the question.

“We’ve got about 100,000 in New York and New York [City] Mayor Eric Adams says it will ‘destroy’ New York and by the way, that’s less than two percent of the six million people,” Johnson added. “If 100,000 is going to destroy New York, what’s happening around the country?”

Johnson’s assertion that Biden’s DHS has allowed six million illegal aliens to enter the US interior in fewer than three years illustrates that the regime has imported an alien population, many with no legitimate claims to asylum, that is greater than the populations of 31 states.

John Binder of Breitbart News observed that “Already, American taxpayers are billed $143 billion annually for costs associated with illegal immigration.” 

Moreover he called attention to how “This estimate does not include any of the social and economic costs — such as higher housing prices, depressed wages, lost jobs, increased crime, and strained public resources at hospitals and schools.”

The Biden regime has facilitated an unprecedented inflow of illegal alien invaders. This is not a random occurrence, but part of a concerted political strategy to displace the American populace with a more foreign, politically compliant voting bloc that will reliably vote for globalist politicians.

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