Wisconsin Senator Ron Jonson Announces his Re-Election Campaign

On January 9, 2022, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson announced his decision to run for re-election in the U.S. Senate. 

If Johnson wins, he’ll be re-elected for a third term. Originally, Johnson promised to serve only two terms in office. 

Though his recent behavior, such as his fundraising events and frequent appearances on Fox News, indicated that Johnson was preparing for a re-election run. 

Johnson recently penned a statement and an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal where he said he would have preferred to hang up the gloves but decided to pursue re-election because of the Democrat trifecta in Washington and the “disastrous policies” they have implemented.

“During the 2016 campaign, I said it would be my last campaign and final term. That was my strong preference, and my wife’s—we both looked forward to a normal private life. Neither of us anticipated the Democrats’ complete takeover of government and the disastrous policies they have already inflicted on America and the world, to say nothing of those they threaten to enact in the future,” he declared in the WSJ piece.

Johnson believes he will be going through an intense campaign, acknowledging that Democrats will be leaning heavily on culture war issues to try to unseat him.

“Tens of millions of dollars will be spent trying to destroy and defeat me. The mainstream media and Big Tech will contribute their powerful and corrupt voices as the unofficial but reliable communication apparatus of the Democrats. We face powerful forces that desire even more power and control over our lives. Their path, paved with false hope and greater dependency, always leads to tyranny. We cannot let them win,” he stated.

Johnson was first elected in 2010, after defeating Democratic Incumbent Russ Feingold 52% to 47%. The two rematched in 2016, when Johnson defeated Feingold 50% to 47%. 

Johnson has been a strong proponent of auditing the 2020 election and has not bought into the January “insurrection” narrative the corporate press has put forth. 

The Wisconsin Senator also recognizes the electoral impact that mass migration has, namely how demographic shifts in the electorate favor the Democratic Party in the long-term. 

Wisconsin is one of the Midwest states that has experienced a realignment in which its white working class population has become more receptive to the Republican Party. The party has gradually cultivated a more working-class image these days, thus making it more palatable for traditional Democrat voters in the Rust Belt.

Johnson is no pure national populist, but with the right amount of grassroots populist pressure, he can be compelled to take more populist positions on certain issues. 

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