With Leftists Focused on Infanticide, ‘Is Abortion Morally Wrong’ Debate Comes to UNC-Wilmington

Two academia professionals will go head-to-head at a college university next week, debating society’s most hot-topic issue right now.

The debate will take place Thursday, February 21, 2019 at the University of North Carolina- Wilmington between Dr. Mike Adams and abortionist Dr. Willie Parker, open to 600 students. Dr. Mike Adams, professor of Criminology and Sociology at UNC-Wilmington is a very outspoken pro-life advocate, author, and true Christ follower.  This debate won’t be Dr. Adams first time taking on the “is abortion morally wrong” dilemma. He combats the question by asking, “is the unborn my neighbor?”Of course, referring to the Bible verse where Jesus tells us to “love thy neighbor”. Approaching the question from not only a biblical standpoint, Dr. Adams also states the backbone to the whole argument:

“Central question: is the unborn human? Therefore, is the unborn my neighbor?

Dr. Willie Parker on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, is a late-term abortionist who calls himself  a ‘Christian’. Live Action reports, “[Parker] is a combination of abortionist and public relations rep, frequently making the rounds on TV as an apparent spokesperson for the abortion industry. What makes Parker even more chilling to some is the soft and nonchalant way he discusses abortion — though he doesn’t typically describe the process. And in the past, Parker has claimed that seeing aborted baby body parts doesn’t bother him, as he’s ‘not deluded about what this whole process is.'”

Known for making bold pro-death comments, Dr. Parker feebly attempts to make a biblical moral case for abortion. His recent book, “A Moral Argument for Choice” , proclaims that he is doing the work of God by performing abortions:

“…he came to believe, unequivocally, that helping women in need, without judgment, is precisely the Christian thing to do.”


The debate between the two polar opposites has faced difficulty in advertisement. Facebook has blocked the event from being advertised on the site and on-campus flyers promoting the debate have been ripped down.

In an interview with Live Action, Dr. Adams stated, “They’re ripping down posters left and right… the Left is, and they’re defacing them and so forth, but the good news is, it is absolutely going to be preserved on tape, and so in that sense, we can hopefully reach a lot more people. I’m sure we will,” he said.


This debate will be one for the books as two sides of this hot topic face off. Big League Politics will have more after the debate.

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