TEXAS: Bands of Looters Going House To House, Snipers on Rooftops

Amid the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, bands of looters are going house to house in flooded Texas counties holding residents at gunpoint and stealing their possessions.

Texas residents are acting as snipers on rooftops and in some cases shooting the looters, according to a witness in Refugio County, where “the wind leveled our towns.”

“Every town has looting,” Texan Pete Petropoulos told Big League Politics.

“One of my neighbors had them hold a gun on him for three hours until the sheriff came,” Petropoulos said.

“Back in the day, if you stole a horse you got hurt. We’ve got a bunch of people shot but nobody’s reported on it,” Petropoulos said. “I had some friends, people broke into their house and they shot them.” In one case, one group of residents chased down a car containing murder suspects and the police caught them.

“I think all the bodies were washed away or found already. I think they’re going to find more bodies as far as looters out in the countryside. The ranchers will probably just shoot them and drag them off into the brush. Everybody here is armed.”

“They’re looking at what’s abandoned,” Petropoulos said. “We have no lights here. We won’t have electricity for between one month to six months.”

Petropoulos noted that President Donald Trump visited his area two days ago.

The divisions defy racial lines. The Texans defending their property with guns come from all races, and so do the looters.

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