‘Woke’ Murphy Brown Cancelled After ‘Historically Low’ Ratings

CBS has cancelled its reboot of “Murphy Brown” after learning the same lesson that ABC learned before nixing Roseanne from “Roseanne:” ordinary Americans do not want to hear sniveling Hollyweird snots lecture them about social justice as a form of entertainment.

Who would have guessed?

“CBS has pulled the plug on its revival of Murphy Brown after 13 episodes, opting not to bring the resurrected series back for a second season,” said Screen Rant. 

According to Hollywood Reporter, the show averaged only 6.2 million viewers and underperformed in its key 18-49 demographic.

The cancellation of the came after a controversial Thanksgiving episode in which the main characters threatened ICE agents. Newsbusters described:

In the episode airing November 22, titled “Thanksgiving and Taking,” Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) insists on cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for her son Avery (Jake McDorman), a journalist, since he is home this year. He usually misses the holiday with Murphy because of his work assignments. She also insists that her co-workers join them.

When bar and grille owner Phyllis and her helper Miguel (a DACA student worker) show up with the liquor, Miguel tells Murphy he can’t stay for dinner because he is going to help his parents on their food truck. Murphy insists they come to dinner, too, since a winter storm is moving in and they will have no customers.

Suffice it to say, Murphy can’t cook. Miguel’s mother helps Murphy and while doing so, they talk about her coming to America illegally to escape the violence in their country. She tells Murphy that Miguel was only two years old at the time.

The storm causes the electrical power to go out in Murphy’s home so they all head out to the food truck to finish cooking the meal. That is when two ICE agents show up. A neighbor complained about a food truck on the street and when the license plate was run because of a broken tail light, the police discovered that there was an outstanding order of removal for Miguel’s parents, Carlos and Maria. As this is happening, Avery asks Pat (Nik Dodani) to film it on his camera while he provides narration. Needless to say, Murphy isn’t having it. She threatens the ICE agents and then uses intimidation.

Also, one of the ICE agents first assumes that Pat is Carlos and questions where he was born. Pat is Indian-American from Ohio. The implication seemed to be that an ICE agent couldn’t distinguish between an Indian-American, and someone from Central America.

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