Woman Stabs Police Officer and Fellow Driver After Accident, Ends Up Dead

According to a report from CBS DFW, a police officer was stabbed by a woman who he attempted to help.

This incident took place early in the morning on June 25, 2020 at Legacy Drive and Independence Parkway.

“The officer does not appear to have life-threatening injuries,” asserted Plano Police Department spokesman David Tilley. “It’s difficult when one of your co-workers is in the process of trying to help someone and becomes a victim.”

Originally, the officer pulled up to a car accident right after it occurred. The officer approached one of the cars and was suddenly stabbed by the driver — a woman. The officer was stabbed in the shoulder area.

He immediately pulled back to separate himself from the woman and her weapon.

As the officer retreated, the woman began stabbing the other car driver multiple times.

Recognizing that the situation was about to turn deadly, the officer immediately shot the woman and killer her.

The police are still investigating the motive of the attack, which they believe to be a road rage incident.

However, the plot thickened when police revealed that the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle.

“Did these individuals know each other or was this just a, somebody got upset because of traffic crash and then just kind of twisted off a little bit? We really don’t know yet,” stated Tilley.

The officer and the victim ended up at the hospital.

The police department and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office are currently investigating the shooting.

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