World Economic Forum is Working Overtime to Pressure Governments to Adopt Digital Programs Worldwide

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is currently on a quest to push for the implementation of a digital identity system. According to Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net noted that “banks and companies offering financial services” will be spearheading this cause. 

In a blog post that the WEF published, where it referenced the International Data Corporation (IDC) Digital Trust Index, it noted there are “trillions of dollars of opportunities” worldwide. However, the WEF believes that a higher level of “digital trust” as a “universal value” is needed to make the WEF’s digital ID system become a reality. 

The “prevalence of cybercrime” is the justification the WEF is using to roll out its digital ID scheme. 

Rankovic expanded on the concept of “digital trust” that the WEF is obsessed about: 

Digital trust is described as benefiting everyone because it ensures online interactions happen with people rather than bots, and with identified people, too. The WEF further talks the idea up by linking it with better security and privacy, and such principles like ethics, fairness, and inclusivity.

The WEF believes banks and financial services firms should be controlling this system of digital trust. The Davos-based organization alluded to a consumer survey that demonstrated  “almost half” of respondents want governments to support “a more secure digital world,” while 68% manifested “interest” in an independent body presiding over a digital ID system. 

Curiously, the WEF article mentions that consumers would prefer banks and financial firms to be the institutions administering this system of digital trust, despite not citing any specific numbers. 

In typical fashion, the WEF used fearmongering to justify this digital ID program. 

“And if enough of us lose trust in online services, large parts of the global economy and therefore society will start to break down.” 

The WEF is the pure embodiment of technocratic, globalism.  The end goal for people in this network is the abolition of the nation state and the introduction of a technocratic order that’s bereft of national identity and based on mindless consumption and an overall reduction in living standards. 

No question about it, this is one societal vision that America First nationalists should resoundingly reject.

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