WORLD WAR 3: Biden Administration Sends $345 Million in Weapons to Taiwan to Provoke China

The Biden regime is sending $345 million in weapons to Taiwan as they look to create another proxy war against China similar to the proxy war they have set up in Ukraine with Russia.

The U.S. made the announcement on Saturday. In response to the news, China has made it clear they will not be backing down.

“No matter how much of the ordinary people’s taxpayer money the … Taiwanese separatist forces spend, no matter how many U.S. weapons, it will not shake our resolve to solve the Taiwan problem. Or shake our firm will to realize the reunification of our motherland,” said Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of China.

“Their actions are turning Taiwan into a powder keg and ammunition depot, aggravating the threat of war in the Taiwan Strait,” they added.

Big League Politics has reported on the US conducting war games on Taiwan’s behalf:

The United States Army Special Command (USASOC) is conducting war game exercises in preparation of going to war with China in order to defend the nation of Taiwan.

According to, the USASOC fired “recoilless rifles, breached tunnels and operated Switchblade drones that flew with an unsettling whiz over a training area” while conducting the exercise on Thursday of last week.

“The [People’s Republic of China], in accordance with our national defense strategy, is our true pacing challenge out there,” Lt. Gen. Jonathan P. Braga, USASOC commanding general, stated before the exercise took place.

“Ultimately, what we are trying to do is prevent World War III. That’s our job,” he added, apparently without a hint of irony or self-awareness.

With the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine not going so hot, the U.S. is apparently goading China in order to keep the global war machine afloat a little while longer. Military officials are growing more brazen in their agitation against the rising foreign power.

“I’m going to receive a brief from my boss giving us a task to conduct an operation to counter the [Chinese People’s Liberation Army] on the island of Taiwan,” a Green Beret officer said…

It looks like it will only be a matter of time until the U.S. is in a full-blown proxy war against China. May God have mercy on us all.”

It has become abundantly clear that the US Empire must fall before any type of peace and sanity will be achieved in the world.

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