WOW: Hunter Biden Returns and Admits That Trump is Right about His Crony Ukraine Deals

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter has re-emerged publicly after a long hiatus following President Donald Trump publicizing his alleged crony deal with the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma Holdings.

During his “Good Morning America” interview with ABC News, Hunter denied that he did anything wrong but essentially validated President Trump’s assertions that he benefited from the political connections of his father.

“It is impossible for me to be on any boards without saying that I’m the son of the vice president of the United States — lots of things would not happen in my life if my name wasn’t Biden,” Hunter said.

A clip from Hunter’s interview can be seen here:

President Trump immediately took to Twitter to gloat following Hunter’s poor performance with the fake news media:

Big League Politics has reported extensively on how Burisma Holdings put Hunter on their board despite his lack of experience in the industry, at a remarkable salary of $50,000 per month to the erratic individual with a history of drug problems and no experience in the industry.

Former Vice President Biden admitted publicly on video that he strong-armed the Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was looking into Burisma:

An affidavit shows that the fired prosecutor testified under oath that it was in fact Biden’s pressure that cost him his job:

It was revealed on Thursday that former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin once testified under oath that he was fired from his position at the behest of Vice President Joe Biden for investigating Burisma Holdings and the gas company’s relationship with Biden’s son, Hunter.

Journalist John Solomon at The Hill obtained a sworn affidavit containing Shokin’s witness statement that was prepared for European court. In the document, Shokin claims he was told that the reason he was fired was due to Biden’s objections to his investigation over Burisma.

“The truth is that I was forced out because I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma Holdings, a natural gas firm active in Ukraine and Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was a member of the Board of Directors,” Shokin testified…

Shokin’s testimony essentially validates Biden’s recollection of events.

“On several occasions President Poroshenko asked me to have a look at the case against Burisma and consider the possibility of winding down the investigative actions in respect of this company but I refused to close this investigation,” Shokin testified.

Solomon also pointed to documents he obtained from Burisma’s team of lawyers in America to back up Shokin’s testimony.

After Hunter’s dismal interview on ABC News, the new phase of the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt against Trump is proving to be as much of a dud as the “Russian collusion” farce.

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