WTF: Judge Dismisses Charges Against Three Islamic Extremists From New Mexico Compound

A New Mexico judge all dismissed charges against three suspects linked to a rural compound where Islamists were reportedly training children to become radical terrorists.

“Child abuse charges against Lucas Morton, Subhannah Wahhaj and Hujrah Wahhaj were dropped because prosecutors missed the 10-day limit for an evidentiary hearing to establish probable cause,” according to Fox News.

The same charges were dropped against Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Jany Leveille, the other two defendants connected with the compound, but charges relating to a missing boy whose remains were found on the property are still on the table.

Any seasoned prosecutor knows the law regarding how and when such documents must be filed in a criminal case. Dropping the ball, especially on such a high profile case, begs the question of whether this was a mistake on behalf of the government’s attorneys, or whether it was done purposefully.

All five suspects were arrested on August 3, when police raided their remote compound in northern New Mexico.

Big League Politics reported:

According to prosecutors, the Amelia, New Mexico compound where 11 children were rescued from squalor last week was being used to train the children to become school shooters.

“The father of a missing Georgia boy was training children at a New Mexico compound to commit school shootings, prosecutors said in court documents obtained Wednesday,” according to Associated Press“The documents say Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was conducting weapons training with assault rifles at the compound near the Colorado border where 11 hungry children were found in filthy conditions.”

Ibn Wahhaj is the father of Abdul-ghani Wahhaj who went missing from Jonesboro, GA in December. The police believe that they have found the remains of the boy on the compound, but he has yet to be positively identified.

Ibn Wahhaj is described as a “Muslim extremist.”

Ibn Wahhaj was arrested at compund with another adult male, Lucas Morten. Three women were also arrested in connection with the compound raid. Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, Subhannah Wahhaj, 35, and Jany Leveille, 35, are now inmates in the Taos Adult Detention Center.

Authorities have since positively identified the remains of the boy, and Wahhaj and Leveille were charged with abuse of a child resulting in death. The charge carries a potential life sentence.

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