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WTF: Turning Point USA Speaker Claims Big Tech Censorship Against Conservatives Isn’t Real

Atheist TPUSA speaker Hunter Avallone claims that Big Tech censorship isn’t real despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.



Atheist video blogger Hunter Avallone, who appears on the speaking circuit for Turning Point USA (TPUSA) events, told a crowd during a speech at Penn State University on Thursday that “conservatives are not being censored online the way big conservative names have claimed.”

Avallone appeared at the TPUSA event with Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin to discuss free speech. He stated his beliefs that conservatives complaining about Big Tech censorship are “playing the victim” because they are only concerned with “fame and money.”

Parts of his speech where he denied Big Tech censorship can be seen here:

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After he took heat on social media over his comments, Avallone became defiant on his Instagram account. He viciously maligned paleoconservative video blogger Nick Fuentes and conspiracy researcher Mark Dice for reacting to his shocking denialism about Big Tech censorship.

Avallone’s comments come in spite of a mountain of evidence contradicting his point. Big League Politics has published dozens of articles about the ongoing purge of right-wing voices such as Laura Loomer, James Allsup, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and many others from major social media platforms.

Facebook has recently demonstrated anti-Christian bigotry in their Big Brother censorship, as their targeting of pro-life Christians has even caught the ire of Republican Senators:

Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO), Kevin Cramer (R-ND), Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Mike Braun issued a scathing letter to Facebook on Wednesday, calling them out for their anti-Christian censorship against the pro-life activists at LiveAction.

“Your company, like Twitter, Google, Pinterest and so many of the other major social media firms in Silicon Valley, has repeatedly been presented with evidence of bias against those with conservative viewpoints, especially on the issue of abortion,” states the letter, which is addressed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The Senators and the primary victim of Facebook’s censorship campaign, Live Action President Lila Rose, demanded that the social media provider reverse their arbitrary distinction of “fake news” and issue an apology.

“The platform should be a place for the free exchange of ideas, not one where only pro-abortion arguments are allowed. Live Action has asked Facebook to rectify this situation by rescinding their fact-check, sending a new notification to all users about the change, and apologizing, as well as reforming their “fact-check” process,” Rose wrote.

However, Facebook has done the exact opposite of the responsible thing to do. They are thumbing their noses at the federal government, and doubling down on their censorship campaign against LiveAction and by extension the pro-life community.

Avallone’s apologetics for Big Tech censorship comes following news that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is wooing conservative thought leaders in order to form strategic partnerships as his tech monopoly comes under increased scrutiny:

It was revealed on Monday that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been holding off-the-record dinners at his home with top conservative thought leaders hoping to curry favor with them and form alliances…

Individuals Zuckerberg has reportedly dined with include Fox News host Tucker Carlson, talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell, neoconservative Sen. Lindsey Graham, Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York, Town Hall editor Guy Benson, think-tank contributor Matt Continetti, and ‘Never Trump’ crusader Ben Shapiro.

A spokesperson for Facebook downplayed the importance of the gatherings, saying, “For years, Mark Zuckerberg has met with elected officials and thought leaders all across the political spectrum.”

A source close to the situation told Politico that Zuckerberg talked with the right-wing personalities about “free expression, unfair treatment of conservatives, the appeals process for real or perceived unfair treatment, fact checking, partnerships, and privacy.”

Avallone may have become the latest popular voice in conservative media to succumb to the powerful influence of Big Tech lobbyists.


Facebook Runs Electoral Interference to Stop Surging Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer

Facebook’s discriminatory practices against Loomer may be illegal.



Congressional candidate Laura Loomer has dominated fundraising numbers and is crushing the polls, but Big Tech is intervening in an attempt to halt her campaign’s momentum.

Loomer announced on free speech platform Gab that Facebook is banning her campaign ads in what could be considered a form of electoral interference.

“This newest ban goes beyond just a ban of the Laura Loomer For Congress Facebook Page (which is required to run ads). My campaign was told yesterday that if a PAC attempted to advertise to promote my campaign, their ads would be taken down. Facebook said their new policy is that nothing about Laura Loomer is permitted on Facebook and for the duration of the election cycle, my campaign will not get access to run any of our own ads,” Loomer wrote.

“People will be banned for simply typing my name “Laura Loomer”. We have received several reports today from supporters who said their pages were suspended because the posted my donation link and my ads!” she added.

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Loomer said in a statement provided to different media outlets that this should be considered criminal electoral interference because her primary competitor, incumbent Democrat Lois Frankel, is allowed to publish ads on Facebook’s vast monopoly platform.

“I’m the only federal candidate in the nation banned from advertising on Facebook. My competitor, Lois Frankel is running ads on Facebook to reach voters, and my campaign is shut out. This is illegal election interference,” Loomer said.

“If the idea of banning Lois Frankel from advertising on Facebook outrages you, you should be equally outraged over the fact that my campaign is universally de-platformed and is being denied equal access to run ads on Facebook,” she added.

Loomer is currently suing Facebook and other tech giants due to her arbitrary removal from the platform, as Big League Politics has reported:

According to Allum Bokhari of Breitbart, Facebook has demanded a federal judge in Miami to immediately dismiss a defamation lawsuit that Laura Loomer brought against them.

Facebook put forward the argument that its decision to ban her as a “dangerous individual” does not fall under the grounds of defamation.

Facebook filed a motion to dismiss where it argued that “calling someone ‘dangerous’— or saying that she ‘promoted or ‘engaged’ in ‘hate’— is a protected statement of opinion.”

Facebook called attention to how other platforms have banned her and stated that “this is clearly an issue where, at a minimum, reasonable minds can disagree.”

Additionally, the motion cited Loomer’s appearances with Gavin McInnes, another individual that Facebook labeled as “dangerous”, as a justification for deplatforming her.

Breitbart News exclusively revealed a year ago that Facebook takes into account off-site behavior to determine whether certain users get deplatformed.

Bokhari noted that Facebook engages in the monitoring of “the on-platform and off-platform activities of prominent political individuals in an internal file called ‘Hate Agent policy review’.”

Loomer aims to become the next U.S. Representative in Florida’s 21st Congressional district in spite of the Big Tech conspiracy gunning for her.

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