Wuhan Flu Shows It’s Time to Shut Down the Southern Border

Emily Green, a reporter based in Mexico City, tweeted on March 12, 2020 about Mexico’s lax response to the Wuhan flu.

She noted, “Mexico’s response to the coronavirus seems to be, we aren’t fucked yet so let’s act like this is no big deal, at which point we really will be fucked and then… scared to imagine what that looks like here. Case in point: major music festival continues this weekend in CDMX.”


John Daniel Davidson, the Political Editor at The Federalist, noted the potential danger of a Wuhan flu outbreak taking place in Mexico.


Countries like Russia have already closed down their border with China, recognizing the potential danger of having a porous border with a country being rocked by a deadly pandemic.

America will need to wake up to this reality, given its southern neighbor laughable incompetence on practically all fronts of public order.

Is the U.S. a serious country with national interests, or a global shopping mall that Big Capital and foreign oligarchs can pillage as they please?

Time will only tell.

Trump was elected on an America First platform, which stressed border security.

Now, more than ever, he should shut down the border to demonstrate that he is serious about following through with his agenda.

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