Wuhan Woes: NRA Laid Off 60 Employees After Cutting Salaries

The Wuhan Virus pandemic has been an equal opportunity misery bringer.

The National Rifle Association is going through its own set of trials and tribulations at the moment.

According to a report from The Truth About Guns, the gun lobby laid off 60 employees and slashed salaries of many other workers.

Allegedly, Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s leader who is known for his lavish spending, has also seen his $2 million salary face cuts.

This is only the latest of internal drama going on within the organization. In 2019, the organization was mired in lawsuits after the NRA and its public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen, parted ways.

Attorneys general are conducting investigations in efforts to shake down the group. Other investigations concerning the NRA’s unsuccesful Carry Guard program have attracted settlements against the NRA

The NRA has also witnessed a decline in charitable gifts.

Politico provided more details about this development:

The National Rifle Association has laid off more than 60 employees in recent weeks, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

The move comes as the gun rights group faces acute financial challenges during the economic crunch caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The association recently took a large financial hit when the pandemic forced the NRA to cancel its massive annual meeting. The group often makes millions of dollars off the event, from the fees people pay to attend to the funds raised from the convention. Its cancellation appears to have wiped out that revenue.

A spokesman for the group did not dispute the layoffs when asked for comment.

Although the NRA has left a lot to be desired with regards to its dedication to no compromise Second Amendment efforts, a financial collapse on its end would most certainly embolden the anti-gun Left.

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