Wyoming Court Rules Sorority Cannot Remove Transgender Person Who Allegedly Watched Girls Undress While Aroused

A Wyoming court has ruled that a university sorority cannot remove a transgender “woman” (a birth male) despite allegations that the individual regularly watches girls undress while being visibly aroused.

Judge Alan Johnson dismissed the case, Westenbroek v. Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, on August 25.

“The University of Wyoming chapter voted to admit — and, more broadly, a sorority of hundreds of thousands approved — Langford. With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the Court will not define ‘woman’ today. The delegate of a private, voluntary organization interpreted ‘woman’, otherwise undefined in the non-profit’s bylaws, expansively; this Judge may not invade Kappa Kappa Gamma’s freedom of expressive association and inject the circumscribed definition Plaintiffs urge,” Johnson wrote.

The transgender “woman” is known as Artemis Langford, and is 6’2 and 260 pounds. Court records indicate that Langford is exploiting “her” access to the sorority in order to prey on victims.

“One sorority member walked down the hall to take a shower, wearing only a towel … She felt an unsettling presence, turned, and saw [Langford] watching her silently,” the court documents state.

“[Langford] has, while watching members enter the sorority house, had an erection visible through his leggings,” the lawsuit says. “Other times, he has had a pillow in his lap.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the insane transgender agenda is being pushed from the highest levels of government:

Severely mentally ill transgender health official, Dr. “Rachel” Levine, has confirmed that the Biden regime is fully behind the practice of drugging and mutilating children for gender transitions.

Levine, who works as the Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), publicly endorsed “gender-affirming care” for children, saying that the practice receives the “highest support” from the Biden regime while appearing at the Pediatric Grand Rounds session of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford.

“Gender-affirming care” is a euphemism for predators grooming children, indoctrinating them with bizarre and confusing sexual propaganda, chemically castrating them with puberty blockers, and then putting them under the knife to have their genitals mutilated during adolescence. This barbaric practice is now defended with a religious fervor from the modern Pedo-Left.

“I’m a positive and optimistic person, and I choose to be positive, optimistic. And I think that the wheels will turn on this,” Levine said, lauding the mainstreaming of children being drugged and mutilated as the transgender ideology continues to infect society.”

America is past the point of no return. This is the type of degeneracy that caused God to smite Sodom and Gomorrah.

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