Xbox Boasts About Forcing Gamers To Power Down Consoles To Combat Climate Change

Woke Microsoft is literally bragging about forcing Xbox gamers to power down their devices. All in the name of protecting the environment.

As the company assured its user base in a press release earlier this month: 

Xbox is working to reduce our environmental impact to help us reach Microsoft’s goal of being a carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste company by 2030 by rethinking how we design, build, distribute, and use our products…

…Starting today, Xbox Insiders will notice that their Xbox Series X|S consoles automatically update to the Shutdown (energy saving) power option. This one-time update to your power settings will reduce your power consumption while your console is off, and will not affect performance, gameplay, or your console’s ability to receive overnight updates to system, games or apps. 

Remote features are supported while the console is powered-on; however, remote wake is not supported while the console is shut down. You can adjust your settings at any time, choosing what works best for you. Shutdown (energy saving) cuts power use by up to 20X when it’s off compared to Sleep.

This story has been circulating the internet this week because it comes at an eerie time when companies like Microsoft are taking pride in their ability to force certain behaviors under the guise of a woke cause like climate change.

In other words, Xbox is making its users work harder to play games they purchased on a device they own. All because some corporate big wigs pushed a few buttons and made some decisions that ultimately only impacts the end user.

More from the press release:

We not only hold ourselves accountable to the carbon emissions in the production and distribution of our products, but to the emissions created with the use of our products in the homes of our fans as well.

Similarities can be drawn between this story and the government’s goal of getting rid of gas stoves. Just like how we saw smart thermostat company Xcel reportedly lock out “thousands” – nearly 22,000 – customers in Colorado just a few months ago for similar environmental reasons.

Notice how these giants always say locking people out of their personal property is in everybody’s best interest and will help the public good.

They are literally bragging about it and promoting it off as some virtuous endeavor. When in reality, it’s just another grasp at more power and control over the masses.

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