Yet Another #NeverTrump Loser Whines About Trump’s Plan To Send Illegals To Sanctuary Cities

Inveterate Never Trumper, David French did not waste time to attack President Donald Trump this past Friday.

Trump made headlines when he floated the idea of shipping illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities on Twitter that day.

Of course, this generated an outage in both the leftist and Conservative Inc circles.

David French was one of the first to comment on this proposal, labeling it as “nonsense”.

French viewed this proposal as “purely partisan” and “plainly wrong”. He went as far to declare it as “cruel.”

The National Review commentator claimed that this kind of move would backfire politically. French added that Trump’s opponents “would gain an immense public relations victory” when “the first bus arrives, and it’s greeted by a constellation of activists, church leaders, and regular citizens.”

In the end, French believes that cooler heads will prevail with regards to Trump’s proposal.  He concluded saying, “His bad idea can’t be ignored. It must be rebutted.”

Whether Trump follows through with this move is still up in the air.

However, Democratic leadership’s aversion to Trump’s proposal is natural due to what excessive numbers of migrants can do to cities.  Europe offers a sneak preview of this, and most Americans would like to avoid the scenario of increased crime and social unrest as much as possible.

For that reason, immigration remains the number #1 priority for a significant portion of voters.

This episode could serve as a rallying cry for pro-border security advocates at the polls and for those running for higher office.

To truly get his immigration agenda implemented, Trump will not only need a victory at the polls but also a more receptive  base in both chambers of Congress.


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